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[1: 1,610 of 10,000] New Challenge: More Money

In Article on October 5, 2015 at 6:20 AM


So far there are four things that I know on how can I grow more money in my life:

  1. Help or serve other people.
  2. Give it away for charity.
  3. Educate myself especially in building my passive income streams.
  4. Have a grateful attitude on what I have.

I got to do all of the above but it is quite challenging but if I put my mind and energy into it I can do it.

I wanted to have the finer things in life, not to boast (but every once in while it rises up), but because they are of good quality and gives comfort, for instance –

Keeping a great car like Mini Cooper means paying hefty amount if it breaks down. I am not sorry for still keeping it because it has a powerful engine, a big fuel tank that I don’t have to refill gas every other day like the Figo, it makes me feel safe for its strong metal body, and UAE road drivers are kinder to a cute mini cooper.

My sister and I need our own apartment instead of sharing it with other flat mates. We have more freedom to be bra less when at home, fart anytime (not that it happens a lot *turning red right now*), watch any show that we like on TV or computer, cook any food, and sleep anytime. Keeping an apartment by ourselves gets quite a chunk from our monthly pay.

There are things that I enjoy that require me to give out some cash. I also enjoy buying from others because it feels like appreciating the business ingenuity of people and paying them for their service. A win win relationship.

Ooh la la I got to work work on ways to have more dineros or in UAE dirhams. 😀


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