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[1: 1,615 of 10,000] It Took Me 12 Hours To Reply

In Journal on October 10, 2015 at 9:14 AM

Margarita in glass with lime isolated on white background

Yay! Someone invites me for A DRINK and my brain raises to all directions. If you are interested, here are my thought processes:

  1. A drink, he’s French, does he expects me to drink wine? I’m a margarita drinker. Tequila baby.
  2. My alcohol tolerance is crazy low, a bubbly could give me a light head and I need to drive. Mocktail is it? Or take a cab?
  3. He’s a senior in the company, it’s just a friendly drink right? And it’s not like he’s based in Dubai, maybe the next time I see him is in 5 months?
  4. He’s not married right? I wanted to learn from people in our company and I’m going to get that chance the most I can.
  5. Tomorrow is a work day, I felt like a child that has to be in bed early to have the energy for tomorrow and the whole work week.
  6. What are we going to talk about? What should I share? Go with the flow?
  7. I’ve asked my best friend and she said it’s nice to meet new people, and she’s right!
  8. I am overthinking this and just make it light since it’s not like I like him or something.
  9. It’s making me nervous.
  10. I always believe that when I’m not sure what is it, what is the intention, then don’t go.

I got the invitation yesterday at 6ish in the evening and I just replied early in the morning after 12 hours. I am almost saying yes because I clarified what time and place do he had in mind. Well, let’s see.


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