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[1: 1,618 of 10,000] It’s Not The End

In Article on October 13, 2015 at 6:37 AM

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I am enjoying my work and I know that I am part of the company because I wanted to be of service, help them grow their business, and help the patients. Whenever I feel very scared, I go back to who is this really for? I refocus the real beneficiaries, the patients, the achievement of a great work, and friendly camaraderie amongts colleagues. My office knows how to really work and have fun after. I am still trying to relax during the having fun after because I don’t know how to mingle with people for small talks. Key I’ve read is be interested with others, ask questions about themselves, and fortunately be in a group with the guy who can tell a good funny story.

I initially couldn’t find any flaws in the company I joined and as I get to know everybody, I start seeing the cracks and see the challenges that emerge. I am not judging, I know that every challenge is a reflection of something, it has a root problem, and it shouldn’t be faced with pride but with openness to check why was the reaction that way and what can be done next.

There are more to learn and I still need to prove myself worthy of their trust. The person I am replacing is still with the company and they adore her, I couldn’t possibly blame them because I’ve been treated the same way before. I know exactly how it feels when everybody relies on you for security, support, and they knew you can be trusted. I know that I really don’t need to impress them but in a way I should until they are comfortable that I can manage and with my special touch that is probably different the way it has always been done because I do have my own unique touch on things.

I am going to offer my best for this company, I am grateful that I am generously compensated on a range that’s more than the average market pay, I see the potential of growing professionally in the organisation, and yet I know in my heart that this is not the end. I don’t see myself being an employee for the rest of my life, I could picture growing old as a mentor, a business consultant, and an author but not an employee who grins and will wait for her monthly pay. I am ambitious, and I know that I am soaking all the learnings that I can while I make sure that my work will eventually contribute to the welfare of another person.

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