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[1: 1,619 of 10,000] Drop The Act

In Article on October 14, 2015 at 6:58 AM

Lady BossIt’s been over a month but I am still not sure who am I in the organisation. I could still sense the wall I built to protect the scared child in me. I don’t dive in to make crucial decisions. It has to change this coming Sunday.

I know that I’ve always been a good team player and a leader. I don’t like to step on anyone’s toes but I have to step up my game because I am the next best person that everyone can rely on. If I slip with my focus, the office will feel the missing piece. The office has to move and I got to blend it fast.

I also need to drop the act of trying to impress anyone. To blur myself by not speaking my truth. To join my colleagues’ crusade just to be the same as them when I am really not although it doesn’t make me any different that we’re human and we have the same goals in terms of doing an excellent work. I no longer like to walk on thin ice all the time and being too timid. It’s time that I speak up.

New beginning is exciting!

My key is knowing in my heart that my intentions are not to put anyone down, not to intimidate anyone, to look after the patient’s welfare, to make work fun, and to make everything goes smoothly. If I do all those with a happy heart, high spirit, and having the courage to still do other things that make my soul soar with gladness, then I am good.

Enough with pleasing people even if I don’t feel right about it and just letting it pass or agreeing even if I must drop in some wisdom. I have to train myself to speak more eloquent, with tenderness, and definitely with love. People will have the tendency to do what please them and respect that as I establish my ground that my way will also be respected. If mine proves to be better, then may my peaceful delivery be an inspiration.

Change is not always easy but necessary. They have to recognise me that they can rely on my council and they can depend on me on work. No more sweet little girl but I got to bring out #LadyBoss.


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