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[1: 1,622 of 10,000] Daily Blog Post

In Article on October 17, 2015 at 9:13 AM


I love my daily blog posts and I couldn’t possibly abandon it. I hope I’ll have better focus on finishing it right away, to have the right inspiration daily, and be immensely happy that I’ve accomplished wonderful things for everybody to enjoy.

Writing blog post daily is really my own practise to write better, to gather my thoughts in one place and have the courage to share it to the world whether they agree or not, pleased or not; but the grinding is important for me to build discipline that would help me with my other endeavours, on to my next book and write faster and better at work.

With the right environment, no destructing television or music, no other human being talking to me, I could actually finish a short blog post in 30 minutes. I was catching up since October 13th and this is my 5th post (so far now I’m on time again). I was contemplating of just making a weekly post but it will depict my purpose of getting better so I just have to make it work.

I was thinking all the other family women who work, they wake up early just to take care of their children and husband’s need. And me, my writing right now is my baby and I couldn’t abadon it. I wonder when I finally get married and have children, I better be not working as an employee but the employer so I can manage my time and make sure my family doesn’t have undivided attention while I still do what I truly love too, which is writing.

Priorities. Focus. Determined. Act. Smile. These are my creed that are so far working to my advantage. 🙂

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