Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,627 of 10,000] Aiming To Over Deliver

In Article on October 22, 2015 at 12:44 AM

WorkI intend to over deliver for my work but whenever I try to stay late my sleepy and tired body gives up. I also have trouble concentrating lately and this is not good.

I am trying to cope with my colleagues who treats me as a family and it means we spend time eating out and drinking at night too during work week. The best excuse to not get drunk is I am driving tonight and the last time we have a business trip and we are all staying in a hotel, they remind me that I am no longer driving and ensured I drank champagne without limits (sort of).

My happy heart needs to chill and enjoy the moments. I also have to speak with my boosting energy provider internally to cooperate. I must have a serious talk to my procrastinator and fearful self to calm down and let me focus to produce results. It’s a beautiful life and I am very contented and excited for the future success of the whole team.

It’s time to forget about impressing anyone and just look at people being free, happy, and works getting done with a purpose and in a very profitable manner. I got to roll my sleeves and heck whether I get a pat on the back or not. It’s amazing to be appreciated but the real treat is God’s smiling to what I have been doing.

God, help me have the wisdom and energy to make you proud. May my works serve you, because if it do, then I know I’m simply okay. I love you. I am grateful for all the graces you continue to provide. You know my deepest desires and may they be guided with your love. Kisses.

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