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[1: 1,642 of 10,000] Someone To Call As Boo

In List on November 5, 2015 at 11:59 PM


A seed is being planted within me that I am starting to explore that I could try having a boo (someone to love and loves me just the same). I contemplate how would I call him, I am avoiding the babe, honey, and sweetheart; so I am settling with boo. Isn’t it funny, I thought of the endearment call before I even know his name. 😛

What is my criteria again? Or having known things, what is my criteria now?

  1. A successful entrepreneur or artist but not just a company employee who depends his income from a monthly salary. I am in the same boat, pay cheque to pay cheque, but I am going to change that to match him. I want somebody who is successful because it means he’s decisive, has aspirations, and determined to get it.
  2. Loyal. I know in my heart that I am going to be a faithful partner so I hope to attract someone committed to a monogamous relationship. He must be single, hopefully never married, and definitely not married who is eligible to marry 4 wives.
  3. Smart or man of many talents and skills. It must be given if he’s a successful entrepreneur or a genius artist! 😉 It is fascinating to see someone explode with brilliance and makes me drawn to adore it. This also means he’ll be creative in coming up of surprises for our anniversary, ha ha. 😀
  4. He recognises God as the center of our lives and the source of our love. This way, if we get married, we’ll be raising our children in the same track. With this, I hope he’s respectful, kind, generous, and can emphatise.
  5. Must be neat, takes a bath and changes his clothes everyday. I am not looking for queer although they looked amazingly handsome and proper. It’s nice to have someone who can dress up or down, smiles truly, and smells wonderful. It would not be too much to ask that he’s organise with his stuffs too.

There you go. My boo list. 🙂

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