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[1: 1,650 of 10,000] I Hate Bull Shit

In Article on November 13, 2015 at 12:02 PM

Disclaimer: Don’t read this if you don’t like to ruin your day with negativity. I don’t rant a lot but this time I just have to let it out or I am going to explode.


I hate it when people are pretending and filled with bull shit. Showing off that they are nice when they really aren’t. I am just tired that they pretend. It would be better to just not say anything than to come up with lies. ARGH! I am too picky because maybe a part of me is envious or irritated that they were never what they say they were. Was the pleasantries an adult way to mask decency and what they call as maturity?

More on envious. I am so tired hearing people that the person I am replacing at work is super amazing. I am not sure if they are implying that I have a big shoe to fill because I never consider myself a second rate and most especially if I know I can do something unique and great in my own right. Although I couldn’t show off if I am new and I am too lazy to work and speak up. I need to improve that. To speak up a truth and something amazingly beautiful and not bag on something that sounds good but not true at all. Is my ego getting bruised?

I couldn’t grasp people’s real deal at work. There is an air of arrogance and pretending that there’s love at work yet frequently they would rather sleep, be somewhere else, and treat works as works, considered quite daunting. I do love what I do, I put my heart in it, it is my offer to people and a source of my income.

It is so amazing that by the time I build my own empire, I have gained the lessons needed and ready to embark my own without the need to listen for bull shits. I know in my heart that that day will come. I will build a company that cares about what they do without politics and lies.

For now, relax and let go. Never keep a building hate within.

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