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[1: 1,656 of 10,000] Auntie Ina Garten

In List on November 19, 2015 at 1:57 PM

Ina Garten

My circle of family and friends is so small that my sister and I got accustomed to call Ina Garten, yes the American author and host in Food Network, auntie. We both wanted her to be our real life auntie and be invited at her Hampton home and be served with delicious food.

  1. We love how she prepares big portion like there’s always a party. Whenever I cook in the weekend, I do the same, even if the actual number of people who will finish it is two, just my sissy and I. 😛
  2. We appreciate whenever she taste what she prepares in big spoon, she’s being very authentic and real on TV.
  3. She’s always gracious whenever she invites other chefs in her show; like she herself is a fan and learning. She’s quite humble.
  4. She loves her hubby and the hubby equally loves her. Both are very romantic and extra sweet.
  5. She has her own garden for both herbs, vegetables, and marvelous flowers.
  6. A lot of her friends are gay, artistic, very proper, and they love her.
  7. We are fond whenever she uses “good” olive oil, “good” vanilla, or basically everything she uses are good and we wonder if there’s a brand called “good” somewhere. 😀
  8. She uses simple techniques but effective.
  9. Watching her cook is comforting.
  10. I love my Auntie Ina because she looks very real, very human, and very kind. My “very” here is my take of her “good”, got it? 🙂



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