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[1: 1,672 of 10,000] Hi 2016, Nice To Meet You

In Journal on January 1, 2016 at 10:39 AM

New Year

It’s exciting because today is the beginning of a new set wherein air is filled with love, hope, and joy. We could make each day like a New Year where we become conscious of what we do, there is lightness to truly live in the present, to make an effort to achieve great things even if they are baby steps, and laugh the comedy but without discounting to learn the lesson.

  1. It’s a year where I will serve with my heart and be diligent with the right path.
  2. 2016 is a fantastic year that I will make a business empire come true with my sisters.
  3. It’s time to write another book.
  4. Blog daily (hopefully).
  5. Healthy mojo.
  6. Hungry to keep on learning.
  7. Pray daily. I couldn’t emphasize enough how God has shown me love and support throughout my life. Prayer is my way to be in touch with Him and it helps me to feel grounded and at peace.
  8. Room for romance with someone single, smart, talented, confident, successful, and kind.
  9. Cheers for new experience.

Yay! Does those look like a commitment for 2016? I’ll keep life simple, easy, and definitely enjoyable.

Thank you and ciao 2015! Hi 2016, nice to meet you! 🙂

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