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[1: 1,682 of 10,000] This Is Saving Me From Procrastinating

In Article on February 4, 2016 at 6:11 AM

I am a bonafide procrastinator and the obvious signs are –

  1. I want things to be perfect so it takes time for me to decide and finish.
  2. I have minor OCD, I enjoy putting the same clothes hangers together, or my work desk are arranged in a certain way, almost aligned.
  3. I say that I will deal with this tomorrow.
  4. I froze for inaction and wasted the time that if I have done it I could have been tired and yet I completed the task.
  5. I make a bargain excuse, if the circumstance is this, I’ll just wait for this, and then I’ll finish.
  6. I’ll lay down on the sofa or bed, stretch, take a quick power nap, until I fall sleep all together and later feel bad that I wasn’t very responsible.
  7. I didn’t make the call to finalise. I was afraid that I embarass myself for not being eloquent and elicit that answer that I want.
  8. I find excuse that let me just finish this one t.v. show or just this one movie and then I end up finishing two to five. Yay! And then it’s wee hours and I didn’t get enough sleep.

Above are my perfect examples what are causing me not to finish things.


The most powerful saving grace for me so far is practicing to outgrow my weakness No. 5. I no longer wait for the circumstance to get better, I simply react with the best way I can. No complains. No big expectations but knowing that I am enjoying what I do and the reward that I will finish. I continue to remain grateful, smiling, and happy that I have a purpose, I am doing something. At the end, I no longer feel guilty. Then if I am really tired, I rest. I eat. I pray. I stop indulging with just one task that are not helpful for a long time like watching television or even a show that I have seen before or doesn’t really teach me or insipire me; I find time to diversify and read books instead. Or come here and blog something sensible I hope. 🙂

Photo Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/239253798931654454

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