Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,706 of 10,000] They Ended Their Marriage

In Article on May 13, 2016 at 9:41 PM


I knew a couple who are sort of a celebrity and I follow a Facebook account that they both managed. For sometime, I wasn’t following the group, so I was a bit surprised to find out that they broke up.

I was happy that they were in love and seemed to have a happy marriage; so I was in shock to find out that they separated. I just couldn’t believe it that it ended. Of course I don’t know the reason and it is not my business to ask, but it made me sad to find that news.

I have always thought of marriage as forever but being 35 I now tend to entertain the idea that like any other relationship, people can outgrow somebody, or to move on there are just someone we got to leave behind.

My two younger sisters are not talking with each other because our youngest sister decided it wasn’t worth continuing a relationship anymore. I couldn’t understand that, I almost don’t like to accept that fact especially that we used to be very tight. I wanted my youngest sister to realise that our middle sister made her choice, it is her life, and so what if we don’t agree who she married. I don’t like to try and mend them together, maybe the walls will break later on, maybe it is all right that they no longer talk.

May we have the courage to be loving of ourselves and extend further to others.

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