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[1: 1,718 of 10,000] What I Know For Sure Right Now

In Journal on June 10, 2016 at 12:39 AM


With the new age on the bag and considering today’s life landscape, let me see a round-up of what I believe I now know, not necessarily the same as yours, but it would be interesting to see that we share the same. 😉

  1. Occurence of depressed thoughts are exactly a good reason to self-reboot meaning get good ample sleep everyday, take a vacation without thinking about work, laugh, connect with people by starting with family, friends, loved ones, and then extend further by serving the community. I need to replenish myself with love so I can share it to others, which in turn comes back as love to me again, it just grows bigger and bigger.
  2. Be responsible to always learn new things, to honour my word, to accomplish what I’ve started, and to them with kindness and passionate desire out of love.
  3. Know who am I serving and what for. Work is great but sometimes it gets boring, I feel that I am not appreciated and yet I am not always gracious to accept compliments; so I go back to the basic, I serve because it helps for the greater good and when I do my “best” I honour the gifts that God has given me to utilise as it turned out it will eventually give me fulfillment and advance my skills and growth as a human being.
  4. So what if I don’t succeed when I try? It is a lot more dangerous to be falling into being fearful all the time that hinders me to take action, so my thinking is failing shows what way doesn’t lead to success, so I try again.
  5. I am a procrastinator so I have to discipline myself not to move to another task unless I am done. Like while I’m typing this post, I shouldn’t be checking my social media accounts.
  6. When social media which is the source of instant gratification through likes from connections don’t even pleasure you anymore, it is probably time to either read a new book, listen to podcast, or watch insightful videos like Ted Talks.
  7. Surround myself amongts great people not just intellectually but with kind and generous human beings.
  8. Travel and do something that shakes you.
  9. Stay positive, be grateful, be responsible of my thoughts, and leave this world better than I found it by thinking more than just my own well-being.
  10. If you know love, you’ve met God.

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