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[1: 1,723 of 10,000] There Is Something About The Set of 4

In Article on June 15, 2016 at 11:43 PM
4 Seasons

Winter – Spring – Summer – Autumn

Rob Bell interviewed a wise man named Alexander Shaia via Podcast. It was an enlightening conversation especially about touching the subject of the 4 Gospels that can be interrelated to the 4 Seasons –

1. Matthew / Autumn

  • The human story and journey starts here.
  • How do we face change?
  • How do we start a new growth journey?
  • This is usually the moment when our lives are full of chaos. Suddenly, I am excited for chaos because it means it is preparing me for a big change.

2. Mark / Winter

  • How do we suffer?
  • How do we move through our trials, obstacles, and sufferings?
  • This is the quiet time. We reflect and we hope to do what good things must be done.

3. John / Spring

  • How do we receive joy?
  • Undergoing the AHA moment is not about the content but the ENERGY that leads us to the journey to the answer or the desire to grow to live in oneness.

4. Luke / Summer

  • The 4th and final path of reality.
  • How do we mature in serving or in service?
  • To do service with love and kindess.
  • To be in spaciousness inside of ourselves where we got cleared from attachment and then we find the answer.

May we have the courage to submit to the journey. To open our desire to grow. To change one step better than we are the last time we are asked to decide on one thing. And it will always be our personal journey as we cannot make anyone do anything unless we are meant to be an instrument for someone.


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