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[1: 1,725 of 10,000] Daily Blog Revisited

In Review on June 17, 2016 at 10:18 AM

I’ve created this blog years ago, there were certain periods that I was really consistent in writing one post a day or even more if there are just too much idea to be written, and then there was hiatus especially when I feel like professional work should have my undivided attention.

Writing a blog post denote work, I do give some thought on what to write even if I am not particulary aiming to write for someone. It is a bonus though when someone liked it, when those time comes, at the back of my head, maybe I’ve written that for that person to see. If no one liked it, I did indeed only wrote it for myself.

It would be wonderful that I could earn a living by just writing but unless I have sort of aim for a direction or a real service to other people, this blog will always remain a hobby. This is my little public sanctuary where every possible subject that I fancy goes in, almost no limitations or is it without FOCUS.

I have a little obsessive compulsive disorder, and whenever I looked at my posting activity insights (see image below), it felt like I’ve been lazy through December to May, and it bugs me terribly! How do I expect to find progress if I don’t put in the time, the work, the effort, the energy, and the dedication for something that I do love (Steven Pressfield in his “The War of Art” had a pretty good explanation on that)?

Posting Activity Insights

Progress after all according to Dechardin is the soul of the universe. Wouldn’t it be nice to be part of contributing to the soul of the universe where we are all inexplicably connected whether we accept that notion or not.

So turning a year older this month is another challenge to get my SHIT together. Put in LOVE and WORK but most especially finish things (the procrastinator in me is yelling, hell NO!). I am going to try very hard again to keep posting a blog daily… for me and when someone happened to stumble upon this world of mine, and for you too.

  1. It’s a good determination. Wish you good luck in your aims.

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