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[1: 1,741 of 10,000] Falling Out

In Article on July 2, 2016 at 12:00 AM


Is there anything that I will never be tired of?

I fall out even about the basic breathing, you know where human inhales and exhales to live. I did have suicidal thoughts in the past, not really the part of ending my life, but it crossed my mind about what is all this commotion and why do I need to live if I am not being great in everything I do. Hint that I now hold on: Greatness is not achieved in a short while, far from it.

I obsess to certain things (person included) but after indulging on them excessively, I grew tired, bored, and leave it all behind. What remained constant are values but the means are always different like a math problem that could arrive in one answer but could be achieved in different solutions. Change, Love, Growth, Progress, Forgiveness, Kindness… are but few of the values that will remain pure in meaning that will never waver.

I changed. My body is changing. My line of thinking is shifting. I am growing somewhere everyday. It daunts me then about what thing will I never fall out for? Nothing, absolutely nothing there is that will never fall out, everything is and will be eventually.

This is one that I know that will never change, the one, the ALL who knows and created ALL, the ALL never changed how he loves, always will.

  1. I really like the map done like that with the colors it’s amazing! 🙂

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