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[1: 1,744 of 10,000] Sharing My Story

In Journal on July 5, 2016 at 10:12 PM

My Story

Following the cute water colour image, let me share few tidbits.

  1. I freeze whenever I know that there is something important at work to be done. I drown and get confused on what to do with the pile of works. I have the amazing talent of multiplying the work because I connect things too much and too fast.
  2. I sleep in the sofa when I get too worried and confused on what to do next with my life. I hurt my back, I lose proper sleep, and may eventually catch sickness that doesn’t get well too soon.
  3. People who raise their voice on me scare me. Unless they are useless to me, I don’t care, but when I want their attention and approval they can make me really nervous and sweat from my right forehead.
  4. I sometimes couldn’t stop myself buying new books despite having lots at home to still read and finish especially if I am extremely curious.
  5. I still don’t know what am I supposed to do in this lifetime. I could make people smile and also annoy others at the same time. I can’t please everyone so I guess it’s okay.
  6. I hate to inconvenient people but I am not perfect that I am guilty in delaying on the delivery of some assignments. I wish that I have the energy to keep working and always finishing what am I supposed to do. I expect other people to treat and serve me well especially if I am the customer.
  7. I could somehow pull the true desires of people. I have the demeanour that would effortlessly makes them share their secrets because they seemed secured in my presence, of my honesty, or my non-judgmental look. I do judge occasionally and one of the psychics our family have known picked it up.
  8. I boast sometimes that I am doing better than others. I boast to show what I’ve accomplished but not really about putting someone down. I thought I am inspiring them to get better.
  9. If coffees don’t make my heart palpitate, I will drink more than necessary to be alert and awake. I don’t like to look dying but I do whenever I am losing sleep.
  10. I wish I could make people’s wishes come true. I wish no one is in pain. I wish I could help anyone who seeks me for rescue. I wish I will never ask anything from others humiliating myself just because I have not prepared well for the future.

There, I hope in a way, it inspired you a little.

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