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[1: 1,754 of 10,000] Sick Every Weekend

In Journal on July 15, 2016 at 11:44 PM


I feel like I am working way too hard (super emphasis on the word ‘feel’ because my colleagues worked way too much than me) and I do not know how to say no at work that every weekend I am kind of sick. The weekend when I am supposed to be energetic, super relax, and maybe make some plans other than work. The monthly period didn’t help, I am feeling really sluggish!

There were two people at the office who are truly admirable, they work and write very smart especially the SVP/CBDO and I don’t always understand what are they saying, it sounds very corporate and I thought I was bright but I am lost by the 2nd paragraph. I don’t know when will I ever keep up, not that I want to stay long in this particular company (I am already planning my exit), but it would be good to learn that rope so I can use it later on. Wow, I am thinking I would be living for a hundred years more. With my immune system acting all crazy, I am headed to die young like my parents.

I should start looking for a career in the entertainment business, I love drama, comedy, mystery, and I would fit right in. I couldn’t handle serious works especially that the people in the bottom are always walking on a very thin ice. It’s a little scary and I don’t want to be sucked into that world. Or maybe I change it? Yay, a little way too crazy and lots of work!

Also, I had a self-inflicted car accident this week and when I gave my car to the workshop, it ran into another accident, its like my car is resigning of my ownership, and I am getting way too attached and I am scared. I am losing him. Its like breaking up with someone I love who were always there to protect me and I couldn’t return the same care because I am careless, I am a very bad car owner and my Mini Cooper is suffering. I am planning to shop for a new wheel, maybe a Jeep this time.

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