Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,755 of 10,000] I Thought I Am A Prodigy

In Article on July 16, 2016 at 10:44 AM


Do you ever feel that you are special and unique from everyone else? I was listening to various orchestra pieces and something in me wakes up and could feel the love that was put into it and I couldn’t stop thinking that the man who made the composition was a genius.

I have my moments in life where I emerged first and then I questioned if my time has ended or could I be a prodigy right now, being prepared, waiting until I put it into a piece and perform it to the crowd to be enlightened in some way? That is actually a comforting thought, especially if I know exactly where I am heading.

Rob Bell interviewed Kent Dobson in The RobCast (a podcast) and Kent mentioned that Ego and Soul should fall in love. Ego gets things done while Soul gives the ultimate goal. My ego is working just fine but I couldn’t clearly hear my soul, I don’t know where I am headed, but listening to orchestra pieces is almost waking it up but I still couldn’t recognise what is my new purpose to pursue.

I am not giving up because I feel so restless. I would not accept that my story ends now. There is more than I can give than living aimlessly and joyless every single day. I am alive for a reason and I will find out and pour myself into it. I will find the place where I have freedom even if there’s repression, to find joy even if the circumstance is covered with devastation, and to find peace by just being despite the clouding noise surrounding me. I will find it, unveil it, and live it. I know it exists.

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