Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,756 of 10,000] When I See You God…

In Letter on July 17, 2016 at 12:00 AM


Dear God,

When I see you after this life what will you tell me?

Will you open your home for me to enter even if I have fallen so many times and got very lost and clueless?

Are all my worries just a pigment of my imagination and are self-inflicted pains that have only brought health constraints instead of enjoying the life that you have given me?

When will I see you? Is this a silly question since you live in me and you surround me with your love? Why am I so blind so often?

On special moments I know you’re with me like a beautiful melody that soothes my whole being and I feel uplifted. In those moments, with overwhelming joy, I could not help tears of joy welling up my eyes. In those moments I touch heaven. Why don’t I feel that all the times to keep me inspired and know that I am with you? Is it me who carelessly disconnect?

With your love I am alive. With your strength I am strong. With your kindness I felt forgiven. With your gift of freedom I exercise my freewill. With your presence makes me feel worthy to be alive. Thank you my ALL.



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