Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,757 of 10,000] Who Are We To Distinguish Right From Wrong?

In Article on July 18, 2016 at 12:00 AM


Who are we to distinguish right from wrong?

Who are we to judge if a man committed a crime and must receive a fair punishment?

What is fair? What is disturbing? What is cruel?

Is the Ten Commandments the perfect guide?

  1. We have one God who guides and loves us and he is our light. He makes all things natural, who made the flowers, stars, and human.
  2. We should not create idols that blinds us to see the real God or copy or acting as God.
  3. We should keep our relationship with God holy, pure, or respectful.
  4. Bring your consciuosness higher, rest, reconnect, and grow to keep the relationship with God.
  5. Honour our father and mother to get closer to God.
  6. We must respect life.
  7. We must not commit immorality. Do what you want others do to you.
  8. We shall not steal.
  9. We should always speak the truth to ourselves and others.
  10. We should find contentment and not excessively desire what is not ours.

It could certainly be. It is simple but it takes our will power to abide them to live harmoniously together. If we fail, if we falter, then we can sincerely repent and not do it again.

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