Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,763 of 10,000] My Thinking In My Last Year of College

In Journal on July 24, 2016 at 11:12 PM


In my last year of college, our school’s guidance office surveyed us if we are ready to face the real world, and I felt like of course not, how can I be ready to be an adult? It feels like I didn’t have the right skill set to land on my best career path.

It was 16 long years ago! In my senior year, I was one of the favourites of our Commerce Department dean (professors tend to like the students who they don’t really need to encourage to study, I love college and being one of the few dean’s listers proved it); I was an Associate Editor for our literary folio (my ultimate dream organisation in college and lucky to be part of it in 2 years out of good connection); I was the Editor-in-chief of our college yearbook (biggest compliment is being vindicated that I can release the yearbook immediately right after graduation); and yet I don’t feel ready to face the world.

First job was being surrounded by smart and young people. I was part of an online company and I was working with the very first job portal of the country. I was surprised to find out that I totally don’t get paid if I am absent from work. I didn’t know about labour laws that when I leave I get paid for something they call gratuity. I thought life is about having fun and work is part of it. I go to the office to make new friends like when I was in school. I didn’t know office politics or romance (or even illicit love affairs done by my bosses!) My adult long time friends until now are the ones I met on my first job, now that’s something.

I will never be ready for anything, at least not as the way I thought it would be, but it was important that I am open to change, committed for hard work, and I enjoy what I am doing. It helped and a bonus that I gained friends, learned new tricks, and I am up to keep starting whenever I venture into a new career path. One day, it will be my very own company and me lounging in the beach writing my next book.


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