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[1: 1,793 of 10,000] The Moment You Get Bored

In Article on November 5, 2016 at 12:00 AM


One of the men that I look up to said it’s impossible to get bored because there are so many things that a man can do that would even contribute for him into becoming ‘great’.

I read from somewhere that it is also good to be bored and enjoy that moment to do nothing or use it to relax.

So what is it then, is it good to be bored or not good to be bored? What is really important is to reflect especially if it’s happening quite a lot and it deters your productivity like being bored at work says a lot.

Boredom is about not liking what you’re supposed to do or you can’t find anything interesting to do.

The best way to break the boredom…

  1. Do something for the first time that you have never tried before.
  2. A change of perspective about the situation like I need to clean the dishes, such a boring task, but what if every time the water runs through your hand you associate it that you are in a beach enjoying a vacation swim or whatever you fancy that the sensation of water triggers excitement (naughty thoughts included, well what the heck so long as it gets the job done and you’re elated).
  3. Define a reason with a compelling stake like I work for a healthcare company and I could imagine that every work that I do saves life or get someone to spend precious moments with their loved ones, and that makes it selfless and even borderline heroic.
  4. Learn new skills that will allow you to not be in where you currently are. If you don’t change anything and do nothing, then your circumstance will remain the same.
  5. If it happens once then chill, be bored, sleep, and get rest.




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