Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,808 of 10,000] The Online Persona

In Journal on November 19, 2016 at 9:01 AM


My youngest sister left Facebook, you really can’t delete it totally, but you can only deactivate it. The moment she did that, her friends got paranoid that they’ve been blocked, and one of them even reach out to me on how to contact her. Facebook is also a valid medium for communication, I am keeping it for few people to truly reach me, or to be in touch with others.

There are moments when I get bored, I look up to Facebook feeds, and see how everyone is doing, or what’s going viral as of the moment. I also post to share information but it does trigger an emotional attachment to see who “liked” it. But I never reciprocate, I don’t want to give false interpretation that I am liking something because I am expected or obliged, I like because I believe I do like the post.

I used to share all my travels but now I contain myself. Even when I travel, I try to be in the moment and appreciate the view instead of rushing to get the perfect shot. Online persona should not replace real human connection especially now that I am particular about people that I connect with. I couldn’t find my aloft tribe, so I should keep on doing what I love instead and I’ll start attracting them.

Innovation is changing fast and I’m not sure if we’re coping just fine. It would be good to stay authentic, to believe on ourselves instead of simply waiting for validation (sometimes being given with false validation), and may we always have the best intentions towards ourselves and others.


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