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[1: 1,822 of 10,000] Hold On To The Tree

In Article, Journal on December 2, 2016 at 8:25 AM

In the movie Tallulah, there was a dialogue between Tallulah and her kind of mother-in-law Margo. The line of conversation goes about what if people defy gravity and get lifted up the ground and go towards the sky.

In the beginning of the movie Margo said that she will not hold on to anything and will let go. She has a great house and a decent career but personally she’s breaking because she just found out that her husband for a long time is gay and now living with his new male partner and then her son was aloft and gone missing. She has Tallulah, her sort of daughter-in-law, appearing in her front door with a baby, which initially she was told as her granddaughter only to find out that Tallulah actually stole the baby from an irresponsible mother.

Fast forward, at the end of the scene, Margo went to the park, and she defied gravity. At first she was at ease with the lift, floating to the air, touches the leaves and branches of the tree; but when she knew it could be the last time that she can hold on to any tree at all, she grabbed one branch and tried to hold on in panic.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 8.10.50 AM.png

She holds on because she knew she has people in her life now that she can care and cares for her. She’s holding on because she believed she needed to be on Earth.

How about you? Will you hold on and why?

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