Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,845 of 10,000] Oh Hello There 2017

In Journal on January 1, 2017 at 8:55 PM

I grew up with the notion that whatever you do on New Year’s Day would be reflected for the whole year. Today, I am showing love for myself and that should be the theme for 2017. I got to treat myself with LOVE so I’ll have more LOVE to shower on others.

cozy-breakfastI went to bed early to make sure that my body really relaxes and get ample sleep that I have been depriving it for a long time. I know normal people would say that everyone sleeps but not me, I have started a bad habit of not going to bed every night and getting normal sleep. So, this is going to stop and I was on my bed before midnight strikes.

I woke up with a dream that I was out of the country, traveling, and enjoying the new destination. Ever since I was back from my Rome trip, I was vividly dreaming about being in a trip all over again. It’s a lovely way to get entertained in my slumber.

I had a very delicious breakfast with fresh ingredients. I have brown bread spread with butter, topped with fresh avocados, orange bell pepper, capers, freshly ground varieties of pepper and pink salt. Yum! I think my body is loving how am I treating it. And more water to hydrate please.

Excited for 2017! Starting it right by being very chill.

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