Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,847 of 10,000] It Takes Practice To Master

In Article on January 3, 2017 at 8:01 PM

White Nail Polish.jpg

I booked for a manicure and my nail technician commented that the color I’ve chosen, which is white, takes a senior technician to pull it off. Meaning: she’s a senior technician, and she did good for painting my dainty nails.

She also shared that she used to be scared of making French Manicure because she never learned it; but now that she had mastered it, she doesn’t even mind doing it with short nails. I could really hear her confidence that it is indeed only difficult until you’ve practiced and learned the skill!

Whatever it is that we really want to pursue in life, we have to bring in effort, dedication, commitment, discipline, and focus to get it done and get better until we’ll be able to teach somebody else. It can be done.

It seems to take me forever whenever I am dealt with new things for the first time; but once I’ve got my groove, I could wing it in an instant. My work truly takes so much time to cook; but it is like making a recipe, once it’s in order, it can be reused efficiently and effectively. Although I have to admit that it takes painstaking time, a combination of sweats and tears, and the most monstrous of all that I need to overcome is doubting my capabilities and almost always wanting to give up.

Let us keep on standing, show up, and grind!


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