Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,897 of 10,000] Are you making plans?

In Journal on September 23, 2017 at 11:21 PM

Is it optimism or it’s just a mere confidence that when we do set the alarm for tomorrow, it means we are going to rise and live. Being alive where we breathe, there’s warmth in our body, and we have the choice to make hopefully good decisions for the day.

There was one time that I tried to sort out a plan for me in 10 years and I dreaded the result, I thought it was too predictable. I don’t remember what I wrote but if I have to guess they were probably small dreams that didn’t scare me, it did not trigger an excitement, and I don’t wonder why I just abandoned it.

Recently, I was feeling anxious with the absence of security and control in my life that I was experiencing difficulty to sleep; so I started devising my plan from September 2017 until end of 2018. I have big and small projects and I put the effort in writing it, printing it, and even putting it in a beautiful frame to remind me every single day. The plan made me calm down, found peace, and a clear sense of direction. For the first time, I love having a plan, I have a compass and I can focus on them. I just need to be disciplined to put real action points in calendar to make sure that they get done and I’m totally excited to make each one of them to come true. The key here is I am not being too hard on myself but I also held myself accountable; but most of all I am having fun.

What’s your latest plan?

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