Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,935 of 10,000] WOEAIHF? Day 29 of 42

In Journal on August 28, 2018 at 10:01 PM

WOEAIHF is Rick Warren’s “What On Earth Am I Here For?” book.

Day 29: Accepting your assignment

Why will I be fearful to fulfill my sacred calling to serve that glorifies God? Jesus’ salvation made my past forgiven, my present meaningful, and my future secured. It’s a beautiful life to serve and to give. To be a blessing to others makes me fully alive. I accept my assignment God, it will not be easy but it will be meaningful which I have longed for so long and giving me the energy to live with a spring in my every stride.

In some churches in China, they welcome new believers saying “Jesus now has a new pair of eyes to see with, new ears to listen with, new hands to help with, and a new heart to love others with.” 

There is no correlation between size and significance. Every ministry matters because we are all dependent on each other to function.


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