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[1: 1,984 of 10,000] Do You Embody Your Given Name?

In Article on April 3, 2020 at 3:06 AM

She looks like a Blair or a Paris but yet again she can decide who she ever wanted to be!

The human was tasked by God to give everything a name. I give my cars and stuff toys names that is how much I was taking the task seriously.

I grew up with the notion that it is wise to choose the name of a child because it will play a significant role in his life. When I was young, I simply understood that the name will set the tone for his life; now that I’m a grown-up (evidence: I pay my own rent) my sophisticated take is it catapults a person to use the power of its name to reach his full potential.

I like finding the meaning of names. In the real world, I do have two given names and I was used to using the first one and mostly ignores the second. With the current changes in my life with these big shifts, it occurred to me to look up my other name’s meaning. Apparently, it’s joy (English), strong (French), and love (Welsh and American). These three are very strong pull of what am trying to be and all along all I got to do is be it.

I feel the calling to love unconditionally and truly knowing what ‘unconditional’ means, to stay strong while I let the divine timing plays until I finally rendezvous with my romantic partner, and whenever moments of my life I must remain joyful. I never have the strong desire to get married (as Amy Schumer described marriage, involving the government to a union) and yet here I am ready to let The One into my life.

Do you know the meaning of your name? How is it reflecting in your real life?

Photo by Marvin Lewis on Unsplash


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