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[1: 1,991 of 10,000] Tarot Card Readings Make Me Wonder About Collective

In Journal on April 17, 2020 at 11:09 PM


I’m a Gemini (my sun sign, where regular birth month falls) and apparently, there are other vital signs that I have to know like my rising sign, moon sign, Jupiter sign, and Venus sign. In the end, it means I should be checking four signs and see which resonates to me.

Readers of tarot card general readings in YouTube often say that they are tapping into different energies and it makes me wonder if they are sensing one individual or is the reading possibly resonate to more than one person? It then gets me to wonder that if there’s more than one person, then people are collectively having some general things happening to them all at the same time? Like, everyone is having a spiritual awakening, that type! Or is everyone’s ex-lovers coming back?

I do believe that we are all connected, and it could be true that we feel each other, and we move to one direction as a human race. I hope for the better after being quarantined, and we’re being asked to go within. At the same time, even if we’re all connected, each is still unique in their own rights that contribute to the creation of this reality.

Going back to tarot card reading, I should seriously stop, cold turkey stop. I am starting to see my obsession. It took me two hours to finish this blog post because I was watching several readings. Even my rational brain is tired of the incessant predictions when I could be doing something productive that could actually raise my vibration and move me onwards. I can’t deny though that these tarot card readers are helping me to understand a new language that is foreign to me.

Photo by Soulful Stock on Unsplash

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