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[1: 1,994 of 10,000] Pet Peeve

In Review on April 30, 2020 at 7:56 AM


Let’s talk about a pet peeve of mine and I’ll let you into how my brain works in connection to an actual feeling or stimulation. Don’t wander to a dirty mind, but well it involves the lips so proceed with caution.

A ceramic mug that isn’t transparent like the photo above is only meant for hot beverages or hot soup for me. I never felt comfortable using it for drinking plain water or any cold beverages including ice coffee, especially with ice cubes. It is so uncomfortable for me drinking water from a mug like it made it denser and it’s harder for me to swallow.

A mug without an ear is not a good mug at all, I don’t want to burn my hand while I sip. I take note restaurants and coffee shops who use a tissue paper or some kind of a cloth to protect the hands, it’s not working!

Water or any cold beverages will only be enjoyable for me to drink if it’s in clear glass (perfect) or a transparent mug is also acceptable.

I haven’t figured out my trauma about glasses but I am using the appropriate container for a particular drink.

What’s your pet peeve? Do you have the same feeling about my mug and glass dilemma or it’s just me?

Photo by Sarah Shaffer on Unsplash

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