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[1: 1,997 of 10,000] Making 2021 Plans

In Journal on October 10, 2020 at 9:36 AM
I was in a US trip late of 2019 and in my first visit at The Met I couldn’t resist getting these two babies. Like any refine adult, The Met was calling the planner, an “Engagement Book,” oh but of course! I’m honestly using both for different purpose.

In 2020, I have four calendars and a diary planner (or engagement book). I planned 2020 with three personal international trips and I’m grateful that I was able to complete at least one beginning of the year before the global pandemic kicked in with the memorable lock down.

There were memes saying having a calendar for 2020 was useless because all of our original plans are crossed out or moved online. Instead of struggling to fight for it, I’ve been flexible to create new ones, new priorities and new experience. The locked down gave me and my girlfriends who are in different parts of the world more Zoom bonding time. I was forced to make personal video messages for wedding and birthday celebrations. We have to adapt with the changing world and I strongly believe that it can only get better from here. We were taken out of our comfort zone or from our zombie going with the flow without intention, and the pandemic gave us new dreams of connecting. The empath in me did enjoy the work at home times but even I need to experience social interaction or I would be like a plant wittering without sunshine and water.

At the final quarter of the year, I’m starting to make plans for 2021. I’ve booked an online appointment for February 8 and it’s making me giddy and couldn’t wait. This got me pretty excited to buy a new 2021 planner too! I always have different planners every year and buying a new one is a real treat. I’m not a shopaholic, I promise!

New experience makes me feel alive. Doing things for the first time makes me feel like a real human being enjoying a human experience.

How about you? Have you made plans for 2021?

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