Yor Ryeter

[1: 2,005 of 10,000] When You’re In Love With Yourself

In Article on November 6, 2020 at 6:36 PM

I’m so in love with myself right now!

I don’t need anyone’s validation. I choose to be in feel good vibe that I don’t let anyone’s business cloud the eyes of Source that I use.

I move my body with the music, hum songs with genuine smile forming through my pink lips. Someone I love who had cancer said if she hums a melody, it means she’s happy. I never forget that and it gave me extra reason to playfully hum.

I do my regular self-care and morning routine. I have to do this because I’m supposed to treat my body, my mind, and my spirit a temple. For as long as I keep waking up for the day, I have to show up authentically for myself.

There’s one thing I needed though that I’ll never provide for myself, a Divine connection. I have to connect with God through prayers, breathing in the moment, and see every bit that I appreciate around me throughout the day. I cannot be arrogant, I’m continuously learning. If I don’t open to surrender my woe or open my arms to receive and give love then what’s the point of living? Separation is not an answer. I have to face my fear to express myself in the confine of a sacred space.

The moment that I feel whole, I will never expect things to happen, I already know that all is well.

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