Yor Ryeter

[1: 2,006 of 10,000] Calling

In Article on November 7, 2020 at 8:02 PM

Did you ever experience being called to something unknown but there’s a deeper knowing that you’re going to be okay, better than you could ever been?

Did you ever felt that you’re special, unique beyond measures, and yet one and the same with all.

I am called to have faith that my duality will lead me to a whole life. In me is a feminine and masculine energies, both important, equal, and divine.

I am called to harness my creativity. Feel life moving through me and catch the spark of love emanating. To add focus because I do have the desire to share my testament that peace, healing, and believing to love are achievable.

It will not always be a rosy journey and in those moments, I am then called to keep a positive attitude. In my darkest hours when I was younger, I don’t normally grief, I default to becoming optimistic and trusts that there’s a positive spin, a good reason of why things turned out the way they did. Now that I’ve grown, I see the value of recognizing the moments to feel the pain, give myself a time to cry, and then comfort myself that I’ve learned a valuable lesson, and when I’m strong enough, take the step to move forward, baby steps if need be.

What are you called to do?

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