Yor Ryeter

[1: 2,011 of 10,000] Happy Here Right Now

In Article on November 12, 2020 at 8:40 PM

I am happy to where I am. I do have my desires but they are never going to be a reason that something is missing. It would be a lie if I don’t admit that I was that person too, wanting to have everything that I could ever dream of and then the world is right.

Today, I’m fully committing enjoying where I am right now. I’ll paint the scene right this fleeting moment, I’m typing this blog, an activity that’s always making me contented, Google is playing a Christmas song, I’m having a glass of my favorite chilled plum wine from Japan, and it’s Thursday night in Dubai so it’s officially a weekend.

I am gradually evolving not to focus on I will only be happy when I have a place where I can put my root because that’ll screw up the Law of Attraction. I am speaking this law not in a nonchalant way because it’s a natural order with a cycle, I place the order, the Universe receive it, depending on what I cook up in my mind it will be delivered at exactly the precise moment (divine timing is definitely at play), and the final end of the stick is will I be vibrationally aligned in order to receive without resistance.

I’m not to be worried that am the last one who isn’t married amongst my girlfriends. This year, I pressured myself to finally give relationship a chance. I’m so clueless about it that I even got a love coach, only to discover of how to heal myself from all my walls and any childhood trauma residue I never realized I have. Making dating like one of my business projects, I gave it a timeline, yet discovering I attracted the same kind of people, not really ready to be in an equal give and take relationship because I wasn’t ready. So, I have to go on a hermit mode and reassess what do I truly need, how do I want to be loved. The answer is learning to parent my inner child, shower myself with self-love and self-care, and then having somebody who recognize that is the bonus, not the destination.

The fastest way to always stay in my happy mood is having a grateful heart, never cease looking for every single bit that I appreciate. I love the morning sunlight that kisses my skin when I open the balcony door. I was laughing my heart out listening to Brent Morin joking about Bradley Cooper and how women are beautiful but mean.

It’s not going to be good all the time and in moments that I feel off, I will be wise to stay in the discomfort. I will be a witness of what’s going on within me, how my body reacts, and then give myself to move the energy like get a bathe, move, or seat in stillness.

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