Yor Ryeter

[1: 2,015 of 10,000] Getting Out of Overwhelmed

In Article on November 16, 2020 at 11:38 PM

I have the bright idea of always overwhelming myself with things even the ones that I love doing. When I start piling up my list of things to accomplish, I get bogged down, I start to hyperventilate and overwhelmed myself. I lose sleep, focus, and the inner energy to deal what’s in front of me.

The solution is simple, before I worry for everything, I focus my energy with one task at a time. I am capable to direct my attention to one and give it my best, one desire at a time. Give it my love, pour out my creative juices, and let the magic of flow come into play.

I have to give up my own sabotaging attitude and thinking in this direction… such a long list and it’s inhumanly possible to finish so I better freeze, turn my back and give up. Another unhealthy habit that I do is to stay up late to intend to finish, only to procrastinate again while tiring myself making plans in my head over and over to excuse that am contemplating the fastest solution to finish.

The moment I lose my center to my inner alignment, my judgment will be impaired and I have to draw on my willpower to come back strong. The negative thoughts are just that thoughts, and I am better than making excuses. I am worthy to honor my duty, it’s my obligation to make the work of my hands sacred, and I am light who’s capable to follow the path of clarity and love.

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