Yor Ryeter

[1: 2,017 of 10,000] Discerning Who Enters

In Article on November 18, 2020 at 4:51 AM
Photo by Famara Marmiesse on Unsplash

I have to be discerning of what enters my sacred space. What energy do I allow to come in? Am I over extending myself? Am I taking forces that drain my focus? Have I gone off track for a pleasure detour and assess is it worth it?

All is well. There’s no need of taking life too heavy, serious, and calculating every moves like the end is near, there’s no end, there’s only every moment that’s fleeting.

I just completed a bunch of Christmas cards to mail to family, friends, and additional new people I came across this year who helped me with my spiritual journey. I write my messages with the intention that they will feel my unconditional love.

Lately, I have been loving to say to a person, “You are love and loved.” For me to satisfy in contributing to the “loved” is to show how I care for people, putting in the effort, curating a surprise, and that’s a life where love flows, goes around, and multiplies.

I have closed doors to some people in my life who gave me the feeling of am being used repeatedly, not recognized for my value, and I now know how to set healthy boundaries to stop me from spinning my head.

I have incorporated discernment into my life, because my journey is unique to me. I follow my joy, my excitement, my desire, my curiosity, and most of all creating the life that brings me peace.

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