Yor Ryeter

[1: 2,020 of 10,000] My Compass In Life

In Journal on November 20, 2020 at 12:21 AM

I grew up watching adult do things and listen to their advice of what I can and cannot do. I was baptized Roman Catholic, knew God from the very beginning, and I pray every night. My parents are my source of guidance whether I’m doing good or get scolded when doing very bad which was rare. I still know the moments I got scolded because they’re not a lot. Now that am old, those were incidents that could have been avoided but I didn’t know the best thing to do, I was afraid to speak up, and I didn’t have self-control.

When I grew older and thought know better, I started to create my own compass out of my own experience. I also learn to read books, decipher from what I see and hear, and unconsciously picking up what people really feel. I started to form my beliefs, what I value, and what I thought are essential to my life.

Then there’s that when I turned forty and I started to have a new kind of awakening and my view of myself turned into a view of oneness of all creation. I have to start unlearning things and see everything with a new understanding and a deeper knowing. The best discovery is all is well, I co-create with life, and the greatest of all is love.

I’m still human though, I am still on the process of growing and expanding, so as human as I can, my new compass is feeling – if in my gut and in my heart it doesn’t seat well, I have to pause. If it feels joyful, expansive, and gives me a sense of peace or relief then it’s a resounding “good to go.”

How about you, what’s your compass?

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