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[1: 2,025 of 10,000] How Do I Response To My Anxious Self?

In List on November 26, 2020 at 12:12 AM

Right before I start writing this post, I got curious if worry and anxious are the same and they’re not. I am both at times. Worry is impermanent, while anxious is more persistent. There are moments too that I feel overwhelm that could spiral into anxiousness.

My five loving basic steps to response to my anxiety and it’s all about ME:

  1. Do long breathe in and breathe out. Better yet sit for meditation or say a prayer or speak with God or to my angels or guides. Watching my breathing and not think of what am fretting about will bring peace to my psyche. In case I drift away and the chattering begins again in my head, I will simply notice the thinking and then bring my focus back to my breathing.
  2. Move my body. Have I seated too long or sleeping too much at the couch. Better yet do yoga, or take a walk, or exercise. Shake those stagnant energy! I cannot expect things will change by not taking a new action.
  3. Ask myself what is truly the root of my problem. Why am I procrastinating? Why am I not motivated? What’s bothering me? In this very crucial examination, there are things that are important to remember, yes I got to be honest but I have to listen without judgment, curating a punishment, or demeaning my self-worth. I have to be gentle while I assess what needs to be healed.
  4. Give my body a rest. I must hydrate it, feed it, bathe it, and then give it the proper sleep on my bed. Wake up naturally without an alarm clock startling me. I have to keep my body sacred, nurtured, and pampered. I only have one suit in this lifetime and it needs the utmost caring.
  5. When my body, mind, and soul are refreshed, I will have a new found strength and clarity to make better choices. I can take action to what is my highest good.

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