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[1: 1,068 of 10,000] You Are My All

In Letter on June 30, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Sweet KissesI am writing for you.

I want you to feel every word that comes out from my soul and heart is dedicated for you. I am in love with you.

I greet the sunlight knowing I would see you smiling. I am excited with the warm bed and cozy blanket because I know we’ll be together in a dream without barred. You can make me defy the danger to climb where you are. Harder than I could imagine, I want to protect you from any tear.

I am here. Always.

[1: 1,003 of 10,000] The Letter

In Letter on April 27, 2013 at 12:00 AM


Dear Ally,

I could sense that you love me and I know that I am pushing you to someone else because I cannot possibly love you back. You deserve a great young man, someone who is free, and can commit. I am not sure what do I really feel toward you but you linger in my mind more than I could understand and permit. I joked that you marry me so you don’t leave me. I try to protect you and wish that I own you for my personal gain. It is lunacy to pretend nothing comes between us but I know I am just lying to myself.

One day I’m sure you will leave me. On that day, I know that it would bring me sadness. I wish I know what I should do for a pure one like you. It scares me to even imagine admitting that I am starting to fall in love with you. The truth is I have another woman in my life and I believe I love her; and yet when I see you I cannot help but to question what kind of love does linger to see another beating heart who is so close to me.

I longed that it wouldn’t be this difficult.

Good bye.