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[1: 1,955 of 10,000] What Mask Do You Wear?

In Question on October 14, 2018 at 12:30 AM

Venetian Masks

What mask do you wear to feel accepted, comforted, and secured? I’ll tell you a secret, you don’t need to hide from a mask, you’re one of a kind, a superstar, you just have to let yourself shine. The ranks, the social classifications, the judgments coming from prejudice are not important, recognize that.

What will you sacrifice to protect your mask? I’ll tell you a secret, you have to find out what’s most important that you can do and then choose the sacrifice that matters.

Is it worth protecting? I’ll tell you a secret, what’s worth protecting is having every opportunity to love yourself and when you do you will have no choice but to love others.

Have you reached your deepest desire? I’ll tell you a secret, keep all the noises down, and listen to what’s important and don’t be afraid to find the answer and go live it.

Have you recognized love, connection to God, and living doing what you’re meant to do? I’ll tell you a secret, it’s always been in you, you’ve only forgotten it, and allowed to abide a clouded fear.

Are you ready to take off your mask? I’ll tell you a secret, choose love over fear. Your inner compass knows what’s right, whatever is stopping you do what is right is rooted from fear, now dissolve that fear and choose love.

Are you ready to overcome feeling embarrassed? I’ll tell you a secret, whatever it is that you think is awful got only worst when you create scenes that never happened. You will only feel embarrassed if you’ve given up but why will you give up when you are given every bit of chance every time you wake up in the morning to live without fear.

Image source: Venetian Masks IV by maluviam d3h0lie

[1: 1,901 of 10,000] Why?

In Question on October 11, 2017 at 12:15 AM


There are moments that I asked WHY?

Why am I alive?
Why was I born the way I was?
Why was my parents died so soon?
Why didn’t I have what I desire?
Is it because I don’t deserve it or I need to work for it?

Why did I want drama?
Why am I wanting to find out what the future holds?
When will my life be over?
What pain do I need to endure to feel worthwhile?

Why am I asking these questions?
Is it time to be more aware to prepare with my next journey?

Or right this very moment, this is living.

Photo credit: OSEconsulting.com

[1: 1,895 of 10,000] A Perfect World?

In Question on September 17, 2017 at 12:47 AM

When my mind is clouded I long for a perfect world where all I could feel is peace, happiness, and without pain.

When I heard Peter Rollins spoke about having a perfect world is actually not perfect, because it is going to be boring, and a part of me protested.

Now that I feel so contented, fearlessly caged in my cocoon, then I understood that growth can only happen in suffering, only in enduring pain that I will see an actual progress, otherwise I will ask, “Is this all there is?” The answer is it is not, it can’t be; but it will require my courage to face adversity, it will require my sweat, blood, and tears to leap up, and although it is not going to be easy it will definitely be worth it.

[1: 1,861 of 10,000] My Dreams

In Question on January 15, 2017 at 7:50 PM


I wonder why do I have dreams. Is it a language of my subconscious speaking to me when it got my full attention? Full attention meaning whenever I close my eyes then I am alone inside my mind.

Why do they come in symbols that needs to be decoded? Why does my dreams translate in steno and I couldn’t understand it on my own unless I try to consult to an almost reliable online dream dictionary? Is it because my subconscious is connected with my soul that have higher understanding that my intelligence won’t be able to simply grasp?

Are my dreams really suppressed emotions or an awakening revelation of my life’s journey? I am fascinated that I kept dreaming about my dead parents. What are they trying to say? Or is it my own self trying to teach myself to learn from the past? Have I not learned to let go?

Indeed, my current mystery!

[1: 1,839 of 10,000] Human Life

In Question on December 26, 2016 at 3:34 PM


I’ve witnessed my mother die with cancer at 58, the first cancer in my family. My father died with a sudden heart attack at 49. Then there is I at 36, suffering of discontentment in life, out of focus, and the drive to live like it’s my last day.

Life can be taken away in a blink of an eye or it feels like forever when you wait for it to happen. How many times have I begged I wanted to die? How many times did my enemies wished that I am dead? And yet here I am, alive, breathing with so many possibilities if I intend to take it.

What do I want to accomplish? A lot, and yet my drive to do it is missing. Where is my will to exist and be great? Why is my resistance of greatness defeats me right now? I crave for excitement, joy, and accomplishment; but I fall short.

How do get reborn?

[1: 1,815 of 10,000] I Want To Understand You

In Question on November 26, 2016 at 10:01 AM

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 8.33.12 AM.png

I want to understand you, is it too ambitious to say that if I couldn’t even understand myself?

How will I connect with you as another soul? Didn’t they say we are connected in a very intricate way?

Why can’t I care for you? Or love all of you? Is it possible only when I have learned to care and love myself?


[1: 1,771 of 10,000] Have You Been Wishing?

In Question on August 1, 2016 at 11:27 PM


Have you been wishing for things to happen or did you manage to make it happen?

[1: 1,702 of 10,000] Alive For A Reason

In Question on April 30, 2016 at 11:57 AM

Life Span

Not everyone who kills himself dies.

Not everyone who likes to live lives.

Is it because our mortality is not our choice but a destiny?

Would we give in to the idea that we soon meet our ends because we have lived our purpose, either knowingly or unknowingly? If this is true, may we just then have the pleasure of finding the brink of joy amidst an unexplainable suffering.

I do not know what I am really saying or having the eloquence to communicate it clearly but death and living are fascinating me, especially the part of answering “why”? I am a little obsessed of finding a meaning of everything, especially about my very existence. Or it this the perfect time to let go of matters I couldn’t grasp or persevere until I am satisfied.

Why do I live if I get bored? So I can find another way to express life with simplicity, relaxation, acceptance of what really is, and then enjoy every gift of waking up in the morning.

Why do I live to have opponents? So I can find ways to be sociable and peaceful, to see a different perspective, and possibly help someone go through the suffering of not understanding someone’s pain.

Why do I live just to soon die? So I can deliver my very existence to this complex world and to add to its flavour.

Life will never be measured by time. It is not how long you have lived, but merely have you truly lived? Have you utter gratitude, have you endured pain, have you let yourself laugh or cry, have you connected with someone or anyone, have you shared your fears and triumphs, because it is everything, not just the good but also the bad, and the falling and rising again, until the time comes that another realm of life is about to unfold. Do not aim for perfection, aim for trying again, and for appreciating and being present in every part of the journey.

[1: 1,694 of 10,000] I Am Mourning #Derek

In Question, Review on March 5, 2016 at 11:58 AM

DerekI heard the news that Dr. Derek Shepherd (played by Patrick Dempsey in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy) died in the series because personally he needed to be with his family and he’s leaving the show.

I just watched the episode that he died yesterday. I know I am a season behind but who cares, I still shed tears everytime I watch Grey’s Anatomy, no wait, I laugh, cringe, and then cry, all in different orders throughtout the show. It’s life full of drama and my emotions identifying to different scenes.

The editing was not something I particularly adore, but the character they’ve portrayed about Derek, a husband who sees his wife as a ‘breath of fresh air’ is quite ideal, almost unreal for real life. And Meredith Grey (the wife played by Ellen Pompeo and the real hero of the show) demonstrated a strong woman who tried to see the brighter side, not summoning to blaming the crappy doctors, grieved, and yet hoped until the very end that his husband wakes up.

Any story that kills a character is heart breaking. Is it because I remember all my losts? Do I remember the death of my mom that if she was attended by better doctors that I could afford she could have survived the cancer? Can we really delay death? Do we need to stop death?

It’s a fact that we all going to die, and while we live, we have to make the most of it. It’s not about living the perfect life, but enjoying the journey, learn from our defeats and build wonderful relationships.

[1: 1,666 of 10,000] I Am Never At The Wrong Place

In Question on December 4, 2015 at 12:27 PM

I’ve heard about famous people speak about “we are where we are supposed to be” and that’s like saying “I am never in the wrong place.”

I am usually an optimistic gal but I like to focus on this line – I am never in the wrong place, even if something horrible happened, it meant something. I don’t know if this is followed by the statement, “but my attitude and reaction in every situation is my own responsibility.” Now if that is how it is supposed to be then I will see the insight of a beautiful reality.

Is life even real when a lot of people hide behind their fears? I am too gullible sometimes that I wanted to believe and take the face value of what people say in front of me; but it is not always the case, I have to gauge which one is the truth but in all circumstance I will never know and somehow it is no longer my business.

And yet if it is not my business, where do I find the connection with other soul? Did I really exist to manage my own and hopefully my thoughts and actions if inspiring will create a ripple that changes them to be truthful? I tell the truth because I am not afraid of the consequence. The pain of lying kills me more than bearing the consequences of the truth.

Or yes it is not my business because I am supposed to move on to do what is joyful in my life. If the people around me is comfortable hiding behind their fears and would rather demonstrate a false reality of themselves, it is not my business or more specifically my responsibility to change them.

I have accepted that fact that a man who wants to change must do it himself and as for me as long as I can to live responsibly. And here’s the ephiphany, as long as I am alive and if I find myself in a situation that doesn’t make me feel comfortable… I have a choice to leave and change it.


A bad story doesn’t need to go on forever, if the lesson it bring is then learned, it can be overruled.