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[1: 1,702 of 10,000] Alive For A Reason

In Question on April 30, 2016 at 11:57 AM

Life Span

Not everyone who kills himself dies.

Not everyone who likes to live lives.

Is it because our mortality is not our choice but a destiny?

Would we give in to the idea that we soon meet our ends because we have lived our purpose, either knowingly or unknowingly? If this is true, may we just then have the pleasure of finding the brink of joy amidst an unexplainable suffering.

I do not know what I am really saying or having the eloquence to communicate it clearly but death and living are fascinating me, especially the part of answering “why”? I am a little obsessed of finding a meaning of everything, especially about my very existence. Or it this the perfect time to let go of matters I couldn’t grasp or persevere until I am satisfied.

Why do I live if I get bored? So I can find another way to express life with simplicity, relaxation, acceptance of what really is, and then enjoy every gift of waking up in the morning.

Why do I live to have opponents? So I can find ways to be sociable and peaceful, to see a different perspective, and possibly help someone go through the suffering of not understanding someone’s pain.

Why do I live just to soon die? So I can deliver my very existence to this complex world and to add to its flavour.

Life will never be measured by time. It is not how long you have lived, but merely have you truly lived? Have you utter gratitude, have you endured pain, have you let yourself laugh or cry, have you connected with someone or anyone, have you shared your fears and triumphs, because it is everything, not just the good but also the bad, and the falling and rising again, until the time comes that another realm of life is about to unfold. Do not aim for perfection, aim for trying again, and for appreciating and being present in every part of the journey.

[1: 1,694 of 10,000] I Am Mourning #Derek

In Question, Review on March 5, 2016 at 11:58 AM

DerekI heard the news that Dr. Derek Shepherd (played by Patrick Dempsey in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy) died in the series because personally he needed to be with his family and he’s leaving the show.

I just watched the episode that he died yesterday. I know I am a season behind but who cares, I still shed tears everytime I watch Grey’s Anatomy, no wait, I laugh, cringe, and then cry, all in different orders throughtout the show. It’s life full of drama and my emotions identifying to different scenes.

The editing was not something I particularly adore, but the character they’ve portrayed about Derek, a husband who sees his wife as a ‘breath of fresh air’ is quite ideal, almost unreal for real life. And Meredith Grey (the wife played by Ellen Pompeo and the real hero of the show) demonstrated a strong woman who tried to see the brighter side, not summoning to blaming the crappy doctors, grieved, and yet hoped until the very end that his husband wakes up.

Any story that kills a character is heart breaking. Is it because I remember all my losts? Do I remember the death of my mom that if she was attended by better doctors that I could afford she could have survived the cancer? Can we really delay death? Do we need to stop death?

It’s a fact that we all going to die, and while we live, we have to make the most of it. It’s not about living the perfect life, but enjoying the journey, learn from our defeats and build wonderful relationships.

[1: 1,666 of 10,000] I Am Never At The Wrong Place

In Question on December 4, 2015 at 12:27 PM

I’ve heard about famous people speak about “we are where we are supposed to be” and that’s like saying “I am never in the wrong place.”

I am usually an optimistic gal but I like to focus on this line – I am never in the wrong place, even if something horrible happened, it meant something. I don’t know if this is followed by the statement, “but my attitude and reaction in every situation is my own responsibility.” Now if that is how it is supposed to be then I will see the insight of a beautiful reality.

Is life even real when a lot of people hide behind their fears? I am too gullible sometimes that I wanted to believe and take the face value of what people say in front of me; but it is not always the case, I have to gauge which one is the truth but in all circumstance I will never know and somehow it is no longer my business.

And yet if it is not my business, where do I find the connection with other soul? Did I really exist to manage my own and hopefully my thoughts and actions if inspiring will create a ripple that changes them to be truthful? I tell the truth because I am not afraid of the consequence. The pain of lying kills me more than bearing the consequences of the truth.

Or yes it is not my business because I am supposed to move on to do what is joyful in my life. If the people around me is comfortable hiding behind their fears and would rather demonstrate a false reality of themselves, it is not my business or more specifically my responsibility to change them.

I have accepted that fact that a man who wants to change must do it himself and as for me as long as I can to live responsibly. And here’s the ephiphany, as long as I am alive and if I find myself in a situation that doesn’t make me feel comfortable… I have a choice to leave and change it.


A bad story doesn’t need to go on forever, if the lesson it bring is then learned, it can be overruled.

[1: 1,645 of 10,000] What’s Gonna Happen In The End?

In Question on November 8, 2015 at 11:57 PM


We create memories

We carry them

But it the end

Do we remember?

Or better yet, will they matter?

[1: 1,617 of 10,000] What Is The True Definition of Happiness?

In Question on October 12, 2015 at 6:01 AM


Do I really know the true definition of happiness?

Do I know the instance that would make me say that would make me happy?!

Material things can give comfort and pride but they will never make my happiness lasts.

Success will contribute to my happiness, learning, and growth but it is never enough since the journey is a lot more meaningful.

Family, friends, acquiantances, colleagues, and strangers get on with their life that I could only be part of a glimpse of their joy.

Where then happiness truly lies that is consistent?

I believe it is exactly the moment that I grasp that I am in the present. I can consult my spirit that I have joy being with the world with good intention. I am content that I have given my best and I am grateful. It is the peace that grounds me and connects me with the holiness that would burst my heart with a smile, then a giggle, and then a laughter that would not even require an action because it just shines through.

[1: 1,576 of 10,000] One Question: Are You Happy?

In Question on September 1, 2015 at 8:32 PM

Are You Happy

Its been two years? I could still remember when you asked me if I am happy. You even asked me to rate how happy am I. At that time, I answered 6? And you said that’s not very high. You’re right it wasn’t but I was being honest because I was lost. I was basing my happiness on all the wrong feelings and circumstances.

I look highly of you. I see you as a respectable businessman and you’ve always been kind to me. So, I was surprised that you asked me the question. I wonder why you’ve asked but never got the courage to ask why. That question made me search my life’s truest joy so if I see you again and you asked how happy I am, if 10 is the perfect score, I could say 11 without flinching. 🙂

My happiness now is bigger than the galaxy and I wanted to share it with everyone. I got everything I needed. I feel whole. I am practising that I will never fall into attachments and leave things as is. There is so much freedom and so much faith. I love living in the moment.

[1: 1,275 of 10,000] Why In A Developing Country?

In Question on January 18, 2014 at 9:06 AM
I do wonder why was I born in the Philippines with Chinese blood and culture too.
These are the rumbling ideas that my head is trying to grasp:
  1. Philippines taught me about being humble.
  2. Philippines provided me with education that lead me to different countries confident.
  3. Philippines showed me poverty and optimism at the same time.
  4. Being Chinese in a beautiful eyelid-eyed country, I was different yet respected.
  5. Living in United Arab Emirates for more than 5 years made me look for a better country to settle in.
  6. United Arab Emirates showed an almost crime free country making everyone feel safe.
  7. United Arab Emirates showed a luxurious lifestyle that anyone can experience.
  8. I have always feel like an alien, until now.
  9. I am striving to move to Australia without hope but also with uncertainty if it’s the right one for me.
  10. Then may be in Italy later on for its glorious relaxing views and food.
  11. Or in America with daring and bright people.
  12. Or in United Kingdom for their love of the written arts and elegance but unlearning the snob part.

Why in a developing country? Is it because it is the only way for me to know the difference? Is it because I am supposed to do something to contribute in making it better?

I know it is all in the attitude but I want to find the meaning… the reason.


[1: 1,271 of 10,000] Adam Leipzig’s 5 Questions

In Article, Question on January 14, 2014 at 5:28 PM

The 5 Questions would help us define who we are; it is connected to our purpose.



Those 5 questions was not easy for me to answer.

1. Who you are? It is the bonus. YOR.

2. What you do? BLOG (?)

3. Who you do it for? Myself. Selfish huh.

4. What do they want or need? More of what I need is to have an outlet for my expression.

5. How did they change as a result? I am kept sane.

For my other self, still not sure.

[1: 1,211 of 10,000] How Did That Happen?

In Question on November 15, 2013 at 6:48 PM

Am I in serious problem? How did it happen?

How could you fill my mind day and night? How could I be obsessing about you? How could I not stop even if I know it’s not going to work out? How could I not contain my heart going in pain, in shock, in swooning, and in day dreaming the possibility of you kissing me now and sweep me off my feet? I always have reason but why can’t it fight and win over my delusion?


Is it time to stay far away from you? Is leaving you the answer? Is this meant to be? Is it reasonable to meet other men to stop me from focusing on loving you? Is this even love, or lust, or a silly crush?

You are full of drama and I love you, why? Is it because I could actually read your heart, your eyes, your tone, your pain, and your happiness? I feel like I know everything about you and am I really loving even your imperfections? I am quite scared to be stock with you, shall I give my resignation?

[1: 1,201 of 10,000] Why?

In Question on November 7, 2013 at 2:10 AM

Why did I lose grip of love, happiness, and inspiration?

Why am I alive? Is it only for my sisters or more than that?

Why am I in my current job and I am finding no joy?

Why do I not find the path to my insurmountable wealth?

Why am I grumpy?

Why am I judgmental?

Why can’t I stop being negative?

Why can’t I attract myself with the right people?

Why am I still asking these questions?