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[1: 1,989 of 10,000] Worth Waiting

In Short Story on April 11, 2020 at 6:48 PM


Carly was intensely browsing the books. Taking one out of the shelves, flip the back and go through its pages to examine, put it back, and then select another. Out of her sight is a gentleman amused of her. He noticed her subtle mannerism of quizzical look, gently brushing her hair to tuck in her right ear, he watches her stack of bracelets slides back and forth as she chooses one book to another.

She’s getting frustrated, she dreamt of a book but couldn’t find it in a pile. All she remembers is a blue cover, she loves reading and knows she recognizes it, but couldn’t possibly dig it out of her brain. Suddenly, she feels an energy that someone is watching her, she turns around and saw a man staring at her. James knew he’s caught, so he won’t let this moment pass and walk towards her.


“Do I know you?” for some weird reason, even the guy in front of her looks familiar but couldn’t bring herself to remember him too.

“I don’t know. I’m sorry, it may be weird, yet it is weird, let’s call it as it is, I was watching you. You looked disturbed,” and he let go of a confident and charming smile.

“Oh! I dream about this book, and I know I recognize it, but I couldn’t seem to find it.”

“Maybe I can help you. What do you remember about the book?”

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[1: 1,421 of 10,000] 7 Years Later

In Short Story on March 22, 2015 at 5:17 PM


I enjoy sipping my milk tea at the first class lounge as I search for the right word to complete my poem, and then I turned around and there he is, he looked exactly the same even after 7 years.

“Sarah?!” I heard him say my name once again in his kind manly voice and it’s beautiful. As for our facial reaction, I probably have the same odd look like his painted all over our faces.

“Tim! Wow! I didn’t expect to see you at all,” God my heart is beating so loud; I was hoping he doesn’t hear it or I pray that my heart doesn’t jump out of my chest.

“You were hiding from me?!” I laughed and and he gorgeously smiled, the smile that I have always love.

I tried to be casual and polite, “How are you?”

He looked at me, almost piercing, and said, “I still miss you.”

“Seriously? Still the same line?” I joked.

“You don’t forget people that you love and you don’t stop missing people who have given you so much joy.”

“Awww you’re making me cry!” and yes, my eyes were starting to water and so do his. “What are you up to?”

“Business is good. Divorced. No child.”

“That’s brief,” I said but in my mind… Was I actually rejoicing hearing those lines? Is he telling the truth?

“And you?” he asked back.

“Happy, writing, and I immensely enjoy seeing the world and meeting people.”

“Still not married?” he asked with a serious look.



“I’m not so sure… I guess I was waiting for the same man who broke my heart to fix it.”

“Where is that man?”

I couldn’t answer. I was just staring at him.

“You are still quiet and not sharing your personal story… so cute!”

“Shall I treat you for a drink? You’ve always been my booze fairy, I feel like I have an obligation to return the favour,” trying to completely change the topic.

“Why not, apple vodka,” he answered.

“Still apple vodka, I guess some things never do change!” I teased. I ordered his drink and I just look at him. I remember the days when I love looking at his handsome face and he liked me staying close in the room with him even without exchanging words.

I was lost in my thoughts when he suddenly hold my hand, so I woke up from daydreaming.

“Sarah… I am here because I really want to see you.”

My heart was pounding so hard, I almost couldn’t breathe, what was he talking about.

“I got very successful in business and yet I have never found peace as you have brought into my life. I love you Sarah and I am going to do everything to have you back in my life.”

My hands were trembling and I couldn’t answer. My tears on the other hand didn’t have enough strength to help itself.

“Please don’t cry,” he pleads, and in his softest voice, “I’ve always regret the days that I made you cry or disappointed you.”

I’ve waited for those words, for 7 years.

“Tim, kiss me,” I said with such decisiveness and he smiled, the gorgeous smile.

I’m letting my guard down again, because I couldn’t explain why I love him and I will never find a reason why I should ever stop.

[1: 1,251 of 10,000] A Sweet Mother Daughter True Story

In Short Story on December 25, 2013 at 10:17 PM

In some culture, children are given cash as present. Here is a sweet story about a Mum and Her Baby Girl Lily.


After counting the money Lily got as presents, I asked her what she wants to do with it…

Lily: Mum, you can have my money.

Me: Why honey? Don’t you want to put it in your bank?

Lily: No mum, just put it inside your wallet okay? So you don’t have to go back to work.

My maternity leave is almost over and I have been prepping the little girl. I said that I need to go back to work because mummy doesn’t have money any more.

[1: 1,194 of 10,000] Is He Thinking About Me?

In Short Story on October 31, 2013 at 8:04 AM

“Rory! Can I talk to you?” It’s Charlene, the woman in the life of the man that I am madly in love to, but both don’t know, so I’ve always hope, because I will never steal someone’s happy ending especially Charlene’s who will fight for this relationship.

“Hi Charlene,” I blurted curtly.

“Can I talk to you over coffee?” I wanted to decline but do I have that choice? I do.

“I’m sorry but I am quite tied up right now, your boyfriend is rushing me to work on something.” By the way, her boyfriend is my boss that I crazily adore.

“Did he request that you stay up after office?” she inquired.

“Yes. Is there a problem?”

“Can we talk it over with good coffee? Please.” Her voice is about to crack, and I can’t let her cry don’t I? It feels cruel.


It was awkward when we sat in front of each other. She was shaking as she picked up her cup. She took a deep breath and finally looked me in the eyes but no words come out from those lips he have been passionately kissing.


“Charlene… what is it?” I softly asked but I am starting to get nervous.

“We were in bed last night and he called your name,” I could sense that she’s quite hurt and a portion of me rejoices. I can rejoice right? But if he could thoughtfully cheat on her… well it’s a long shot that we could ever be together but if we do he could cheat on me too. “Are you two having an affair?” she softly inquired but she seems to know the answer.

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[1: 1,136 of 10,000] Are you in love with me?

In Short Story on September 5, 2013 at 1:43 AM

“We need to talk Lauren.”

I looked at him and instantly got nervous but at the same time melt a little. I sat on the chair across him.


“What’s up?” I casually asked.

“I’ve been trying to figure out why there is undefined grey line between us. It has crossed my mind and maybe I want to try to ask this question. I know you never lie so of all the times that you were honest, I want you to be really honest on this one…” he paused, released a sigh, looked out of the window, and then back to me again, “are you in love with me?” Read the rest of this entry »

[1: 1,113 of 10,000] Big Crush on Dorsey

In Short Story on August 13, 2013 at 12:00 AM

I was engrossed with the book that I am reading when I felt like someone was staring at me. I tilted my head up, met his blue eyes and he smiled.

I can’t help it and I smiled back. I have imagined this moment so many times and I can’t believe Jack Dorsey was in front of me.

Jack Dorsey

Instantly I blushed!

I don’t only admire his ideas but how he actually runs his businesses in the simplest outcome but with the most passionate fueled process (another way of saying putting hardwork to smartly work to become effective).

“Hi,” he said.

“Hi,” I replied still containing my excitement.

“I’m Jack.”

“I’m Yor.”

“How about I offer you a coffee? I see that you’re reading the same book as mine and we can talk about it,” and he raised his book. It feels nice that we’re reading the same book. He is actually reading the book that I wrote.

“Coffee is good.”

As soon as we got our coffee and we’re sitting across one another…

“What do you think about the author?”

“She’s planning to rewrite some portion of the book because she learn new things in life.”

“How could you say that?” he paused, probably reading the name of the author on the book and then remembering the name I just gave out… “You’re the author?!”

“Yep. I have a new realization for a certain chapter and I think it has to be rewritten.”

He was staring me and I am starting to get really conscious. He freed a smile and blurted, “I can’t believe the author is right in front of me.”

“So what do you think about the book?” I asked.

“Amazing,” I am not sure if it was the compliment or his sexy voice that made my heart skipped a beat. This is the best day ever.

[1: 1,025 of 10,000] 2 Years After

In Short Story on May 20, 2013 at 12:00 AM

TalkIt was an odd cold night during summer. The moon smiles while we sat under the twinkling stars although we both know it was not really twinkling.

“How are you?” he asked.

“I am fine, nervous but delighted about tomorrow, how about you?” I returned the question.

“Missing you since I lost you…”

“You did not lose me,” I shook my head, “you can’t lose something you never had,” I finished and I heard him sigh.

“I loved you then and it seems like my heart says I still love you now,” he confessed and I could hear the pain in his voice.

“I never felt loved by you,” I admitted.

“I tried telling you how I truly felt but you rejected me repeatedly. I cannot handle rejections so I never tried enough to pursue you. Seeing you today brought back all the memories I hoped for both of us. I regret the day I know I may never have the chance to see you again, I just sat there and did nothing.”

I looked at him. His eyes were filled with tears and I wanted to hug him and yet I can’t bring myself to do it. I thought at one point I loved him but I love myself more and went on to fulfill my dreams.

Here I am successful and walking down the aisle tomorrow. I honestly don’t feel the same regrets that he has in his chest.

“I got to go now,” I started to walk away and he stopped me by holding my hand.

“If I tell you not to marry him because I love you will you ran away with me?”

“It was meant to be that you didn’t pursue me before because I will never love you like I love the man I am committing of my forever tomorrow. He is everything that I ever dream for a partner. I am sorry.”

“Does it mean if 2 years ago, if I have seriously courted you it wouldn’t make a difference?”

“It wouldn’t make a difference at all. Good bye.”

[1: 927 of 10,000] He Whispered, “I Love You”

In Short Story on February 11, 2013 at 7:39 PM

“So you are his Sunshine or Better Half as he fondly say,” asked by his mum.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied.

“You know that he has a girlfriend,” she pried.

“I don’t know what you mean… of course I know he has one and he even calls her his wife at this point.”

“Little Missy, my son is obviously in love with you. I don’t know if you admitted it to yourself but I think you are too to him. How much do you love him?”

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Is she seriously implying I liked his son, who is also my boss?

“I work for your son. I am an employee. It is natural to care for him for the work sake. I got paid being nice.”

“I saw how he looks at you. I saw how he hugs you. I saw how worried he was when he thought something went terribly wrong when you were simply late and failed to inform him. He never stopped sharing beautiful stories about you especially on how you never failed to surprise him and warms his heart. If I will choose a woman for my only son, I want it to be you. Don’t you see how protective he is for you from other men? He believes you are his to care and love.”

“I don’t think I like your son the way you wish I would… I am sorry I have to go.”

I left her with sadness in her eyes. I never liked infidelity and I will never start breaking a relationship. I admit I had a tiny bit of crush at the beginning but as I worked longer with him, I knew that our relationship can never go beyond business. I am his employee.

The following morning, I saw him cheerful and greeted me “Good Morning.” I replied back. Then he sat beside me and said, “My mum was weird last night. She said something absolutely crazy. He said I should end my relationship with my girlfriend and start paying attention to you. How odd is it right?”

“Extremely odd! You got a meeting at 10am and don’t forget to go to the bank.”

“All business!!! Why do you think my mum start saying things like that?”

“I know you listen to your mum a lot, but she is misinterpreting things. Let me just work for you.”

His mum who lives in a different country finally reached the end of her vacation and gave me peace. Then the unexpected happen, my boss lost his best friend. I tried to give comforting words at those times. He invited me to a private party intended to remember the good memory of his friend, then at the end of the evening…

He hugged me and whispered… “You are a good friend. I love you. You will never be part of my shit list. Thank you for being nice and being here.”

I know he is sad and just emotional at that time. He hugged me a little longer than usual in front of everyone… in front of his girlfriend… It feels awkward and yet I cannot push him away. I waited until it is over and I bid good bye.

It cannot be real. It cannot be true. I am saying good bye because I don’t love you.


[1: 911 of 10,000] Did You Just Say…

In Short Story on January 26, 2013 at 8:52 PM

Restaurant Scene“I don’t smoke. I support a charity. I have my own successful business. I believe and faithful to God. I am never married. I don’t have any children. Why then am I still single?!” a good looking man was complaining to his friend Sean, which Cindy conveniently heard from another table in a cozy restaurant.

“Sebastian, you’re asking too much. You can’t have everything dude!” and he laughed.

“Seriously, where is the woman I can marry now and live with the rest of my life?”

Cindy who can’t contain herself, stood up from her table and interrupted the two men.

“Are you really serious Sebastian?” quoting the name from what she just heard. “I am sorry to butt in but it seems to me that you have a problem and I got the answer.”

“You do?” Sebastian quizzically asked.

“Marry me!” she proposed.

Sean’s jaw dropped and Sebastian on the other hand was curious.

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[1: 851 of 10,000] Conversation With A Father

In Short Story on December 1, 2012 at 12:00 AM

Emirates PalaceThe dining table was grand. The father of the house is seated obviously the head. His son on his right. And the guest is at the center, enjoying a good meal, and unaware that she is about to be scrutinized.

“So that’s a very good bet coming from my son?” he gazed at his son who looked at him, expecting this but not sure where will it lead.

She raised her head and looked to the father, “It was quite a bet indeed.”

“When are you moving in to your brand new home? And you my son when are you moving to your palace?”
“I will move next week according to your son as soon as he gets his personal things out of the house.”

“Next week,” the son simply answered.
“Where is your family?”

“I don’t have my parents anymore and I am an only child.”

“And you race car for leisure?” the father continued to asked.


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