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[1: 491 of 10,000] Last Day of 2011

In Journal on December 31, 2011 at 3:10 AM

It’s the last day of 2011 and I find it comforting that tomorrow is a new great start. I like ending things sweetly but I certainly adore a beginning more.

A beginning is like pressing the ‘Reset’ button of a computer where everything get washed out and I can start perfectly. Back in college, a certain dean said, start your thesis poorly and you won’t expect a great result.

I always have this connotation that whatever I do on New Year’s Day shall reflect the course of my whole year. I will make sure everything is perfect for 2012.

Here is my 2012 Awesome Checklist:

  1. I look forward for a fruitful daily posting.
  2. I expect myself to be kinder to everyone without prejudice – no more smirky remarks! God lives in each of us.
  3. God is my boss so I should always perform with my best.
  4. Get a promotion and a raise.
  5. Read 12 books, ideally 1 every month.
  6. Read a Seth Godin and Jeff Goin blog posts daily.
  7. Read a daily prayer from Bo Sanchez. Pray daily.
  8. Go to 125 lbs. but don’t lose sight with the ultimate goal of 110 lbs.
  9. Get a driving license.
  10. Get a new car.
  11. Move to a new and bigger flat by July 1, 2012.
  12. Write every Friday for 2 hours minimum about the planned 1st published historical book of all time.
  13. Finish my Italian language lesson.
  14. Learn Photoshop.
  15. Buy DLSR.
  16. Learn Photography.
  17. Buy a new fab and chic laptop and external hard drive. This should reduce my notebook purchase.
  18. Go to Germany for Christmas. I better move my Tuscany dream trip for 2013.
  19. Be faithful for my 10% tithe monthly.
  20. Be persistent to invest 20% of my monthly income.
  21. I will never be trapped in a situation that I’d say, “I didn’t have a choice.”
  22. Never leave a work undone. Just finish it with finesse and a grateful heart.
  23. Speak the truth. Speak! Read the rest of this entry »