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[1: 1,661 of 10,000] The Habit Of Relying On Experience

In Journal on November 24, 2015 at 6:50 AM

Experience teaches me which way would hurt me, what would give me delight, and why never again will I commit the same mistake twice. The reference of previous happening is the perfect teacher and yet sometimes I try with a slight higher hope that a little twist will result to something different, hopefully amazing.

I am fascinated that every experience though almost similar still offer a unique quality because I am growing everyday, in case you have not admitted, we are all growing old, gaining new insights, and with that no almost similar circumstance would always end up with the same result.

Nothing happens as a coincidence but I believe about every human being has his own path of journey. Every experience matters for himself and probably even to others.

It’s normal to rely on past experience but it is courage to deviate from it and tackle an unknown territory and include new cast in the scenario. The beauty of life is I get to experiment until the very last second of my breath; and it is always with the hope that despite the pain, it was worth it, because it served a purpose higher than myself, bigger than my fulfillment, or simply serving with true love.

[1: 1,660 of 10,000] The Sense Of Every Thing Is Temporary

In Article on November 23, 2015 at 5:58 AM

It does feel new that I could grasp the concept that every thing in this world is temporary. I don’t need to hold on because I knew in my gut that it has an end, even I will cease to exist to most likely without warning. With this realisation, I get to live more to what is present, I still worry as my intellect come up with new possibilities of bad scenarios that might happen in the future and tapping conveniently on my fears but still nevertheless I know in my inner self that it doesn’t matter.

The pain I havoc on to myself and to others are nothing but a pigment of my imagination and self-sabotage unless I find the common ground of giving my best at hand. Without the slightest hint of indecency and dishonesty, if I am giving the love I got right now, those are what counts. I get bugged down for expecting something better from others and those where the times that more so that I let go because I could not always control matters on to my own hands.

I couldn’t see the future but I hold on to the belief that I am okay right now and I am able to speak to someone bigger than any thing, any human, and any impossibility. It doesn’t feel like a lunacy that I could feel that I will never be alone and unloved, and it’s a comfort to keep moving, keep growing gradually, and never giving up on beauty, hope, dream, peace, and love.

[1: 1,659 of 10,000] Lighten Up And Find What’s Funny

In Aphorism on November 22, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Don’t take life too seriously! Lighten up and find what’s funny.

I feel better when I laugh. I feel discomfort when I’m intensed and in a fight mode. Between these two opposing emotions, I’d rather be in a comedy than in a drama.

[1: 1,658 of 10,000] Is It Playing God Or Playing Human?

In Poem on November 21, 2015 at 8:03 PM

When a man saves a life
Becomes selfless
Is it God playing human?

Do you see the trigger of hope
by a single human soul
Is it man playing God?

God lives within us
He binds all our hearts
Are we all playing both human & God?


[1: 1,657 of 10,000] My Realisation For Having House Guests In 10 Days

In Journal on November 20, 2015 at 2:37 PM



My sister’s friend together with another sister and mother visited Dubai. With our tiny studio apartment, we tried to fit ourselves in 10 days. These family love to travel and they used to include my sissy in their exploration and they also open their home for her.

I love my sissy and whoever is kind to her will automatically have plus points from my end and I would try to make them comfortable, welcomed, and have good memories by being a very pleasant hostess. My sister was teasing me that I was acting like a radio for telling different stories about UAE, I’ve been here for 7 years, so it must be natural to my perky me.

Their mom travelled with them so I just have to give up my bed and slept in the sofa. It was hard that I couldn’t blow dry my hair everyday. I couldn’t move too well. I slept late. I worry a little if they’re not yet home. We couldn’t open the air conditioning all the time because they feel cold too easily and my sister and I are sweating.

I realised that having a small apartment originally domiciled by 2 isn’t advisable for 3 new visitiors. I crave even more to really have my own space. I may be bubbly and accommodating but once I reach home, I want to hear my own thoughts or be simply at ease and peaceful.

I really hope that they had fun, despite the little mess. The good take away is it was nice to have a new experience by meeting new people. All is good! I move on until the next guest at home. 🙂

[1: 1,656 of 10,000] Auntie Ina Garten

In List on November 19, 2015 at 1:57 PM

Ina Garten

My circle of family and friends is so small that my sister and I got accustomed to call Ina Garten, yes the American author and host in Food Network, auntie. We both wanted her to be our real life auntie and be invited at her Hampton home and be served with delicious food.

  1. We love how she prepares big portion like there’s always a party. Whenever I cook in the weekend, I do the same, even if the actual number of people who will finish it is two, just my sissy and I. 😛
  2. We appreciate whenever she taste what she prepares in big spoon, she’s being very authentic and real on TV.
  3. She’s always gracious whenever she invites other chefs in her show; like she herself is a fan and learning. She’s quite humble.
  4. She loves her hubby and the hubby equally loves her. Both are very romantic and extra sweet.
  5. She has her own garden for both herbs, vegetables, and marvelous flowers.
  6. A lot of her friends are gay, artistic, very proper, and they love her.
  7. We are fond whenever she uses “good” olive oil, “good” vanilla, or basically everything she uses are good and we wonder if there’s a brand called “good” somewhere. 😀
  8. She uses simple techniques but effective.
  9. Watching her cook is comforting.
  10. I love my Auntie Ina because she looks very real, very human, and very kind. My “very” here is my take of her “good”, got it? 🙂


[1: 1,655 of 10,000] I’ve Met Death That I See Life Differently

In Journal on November 18, 2015 at 1:02 PM

Black Flower

I’ve met death so many times that I know that life isn’t forever until this body that I have and this persona that I show up for ceases. Since I understood that it is not going to last forever, anything that makes me sad doesn’t need to last forever. I have the opportunity to always change my destiny or I was given the eyes to find what’s beautiful in every situation without bitching about what’s going wrong.

I don’t need to give in to people’s call for drama. I am trying very hard to don’t get affected and checking if people are truly truthful with their words and intentions. I don’t need to question their own fears because it is a battle they need to overcome. May my simple peace bring them the calmness and bring down the walls they’ve succcesfully built on their own to hurt themselves by being senselessly argumentative and defensive.

The world is giving so many wonders that I am grateful for. I am happy whenever I release laughters. I couldn’t believe the blessings that kept pouring in. I am particularly delighted whenever I am given with amazing surprises. 🙂

[1: 1,654 of 10,000] For All That I Must Do

In Poem on November 17, 2015 at 6:36 AM

Show Up

For all the things that I must do

Bleed if I must

Sacrifice if I must

Exert extra effort if I must

As long as it is done

For when I show up

The fairies rejoice

Sprinkle dust of enthusiasm

Then it is done

With happiness

With gladness

All that must be done

All are done

With the hope that it is well

With the recipe of love it is always be well

[1: 1,653 of 10,000] Let Joy Flowing

In Poem on November 16, 2015 at 6:30 AM


Let joy flowing

Why do you have to stop?

Why do you have to complicate things?

Keep joy flowing

As the sun always rises

As the moon never failed to exists

Make joy flowing

Because you’re an artist

Because you’re a co-creator

Be the joy flowing

To marvel in this life

To have reasons to smile

You’re a joy flowing

If you let it be

If you live in the present

[1: 1,652 of 10,000] It Will All End

In Article on November 15, 2015 at 6:05 AM

There is something about life that I couldn’t really pin point but it has to do with it is going to end one day. I can’t tell when will my story end but it will one day. So while I’m still breathing, I might as well do the things that grounds me, makes me happy, and not get irritated about every little things.

My sister loves going to Dubai Marina but the traffic jam is killing me. It will take about an hour just to get to a parking space. I was starting to get annoyed and she kept telling me to chill. I know I didn’t want to be there, I want to go home, clear my head, and unload my negative feelings. It is truly about one story after the other, but the bottom line is I got affected about one comment from Thursday at work and it is still bothering me.

I have to remember not to be attached with other’s comments. I have to let it go. I have to remain kind, thrive, and pray for everyone’s joy. Only when I don’t dwell with other’s monstrosity that I can remain peaceful. Revenge isn’t an answer, remain forgiving and loving are.

Everything is going to be okay.

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