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[1: 1,705 of 10,000] I Almost Die Today

In Journal on May 13, 2016 at 9:20 PM

I love eating and watching television and who knew it could actually kill you!


I was enjoying a mouthful of food and watching one of my ultimate favourite television series, Top Gear UK (with Jeremy, James, and Richard) from Netflix and a scene where James slipped from a wood plank in Bolivia just chocked me because I laughed so hard.

It was my first time to experience chocking and I really don’t know what to do except for the fact that I have to stop laughing and clear the air passage so I can breathe. If I was not able to recover I could have died on a Friday the 13th, how very mysterious, hilarious, and lame.

Lesson learned: Never eat while watching a funny show. 😛

I will still watch Top Gear until I finish all the shows that I have not seen. A little accident will not traumatise me. 😀

[1: 1,611 of 10,000] Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies For A Burn Scar

In Article on October 6, 2015 at 6:58 AM

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I cooked some cookies in the oven last October 1st and when I pulled the tray out after my first batch, the tray slides and hit a portion of my right arm. Now, I am carrying a scar that is an inch long. I didn’t have scar on September 30th but for the sake of bringing freshly baked chocolate chip cookies for my office mates and neighboring offices, and since I am sometimes naturally rushing and clumsy, I hurt myself, darn to no surprise :D.

I am very behave not scratching or poking it, I just massage it gently and hoping the mini swelling subsides naturally as my body’s defense system cures it. Yes, I believe our body can heal itself and I am counting nature to deal with this one. I just thought the deed I did was of a good intention so I will receive miracle for this little loving scar.

The good thing about it is it is one of those scars that when I see it, I smile without a hint of bitterness and letting go of the regret of how careless I was. I know not all life’s scars are the same, some are rooted so deep in our being that it is too painful to face it, but we always need to.

I’ll give it few more days and then I’ll visit the pharmacy and see if there’s a real remedy to get the scar off. Yay! Or research for something natural to get rid of it, if only there’s a type of eraser for skin that isn’t painful. 😛