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[1: 1,801 of 10,000] What Does Your Heart Tell You?

In List on November 12, 2016 at 11:20 PM


I am the most inspired that I have ever been. I’m not sure what exactly am I doing right but for sure…

  1. I have a dream of publishing my second book and I am looking forward on that.
  2. I cannot stop being grateful with all the beautiful blessings and challenges that I have on my plate.
  3. I am hopeful that whatever sufferings there are in the world, it won’t hurt my soul, but I can do something to alleviate even a bit of what’s wrong, and it can start that I be kind “anyway”.
  4. I smile and I make the effort to be positive.
  5. I let go of the things that I couldn’t control.
  6. I pour my heart in the works that I do.
  7. Be not attached with both success and failures. Still practicing this though.
  8. Love other people even if I don’t get love back.
  9. Appreciate my accomplishments and celebrate in the privacy of my solidarity.
  10. Celebrate and do what makes me at peace in the moment.

[1: 1,332 of 10,000] Whew Looking Like A Home

In Journal on July 26, 2014 at 10:36 PM

Finally, the last installation for the home is done today!

The very quaint delicate white drapery hanging light was fixed in my happy liking.

I feel proud that I was able to provide my little sissy with a cute home that we could both enjoy hopefully for the next 2 years and I do look forward that the next home we build is the one we own and not rented. I feel very adult, responsible, and accomplished that I do believe that I can do anything.

It was very brave that we also painted our bedroom walls with dark grey (yes not black as the painter colour blindly saw it). I was thrilled to see that paint could actually be ordered and mixed through a computer. It makes me love technology even more.

Hanging Lamp


Now that the home is settled, next is a car, and a new amazing career that perks me up in every waking day of my life.