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[1: 1,129 of 10,000] Honor

In Article on August 29, 2013 at 7:19 PM

My mother had an affair. It ended but I have to admit that it hurt me. She justified that she only did it for her children’s sake, I believed her in a way but I still can’t accept that it was the only solution she can think of for the sake of her children. Was it simply a lame excuse?

My sister had an affair. My mother said I was to blame because I left her alone. She said I should have known that my sister is an Aries and would surely have a hard time controlling her urges. I do blame myself that I was selfish for trying different and risky career paths.

1366731416_4830_love-triangle-man-womenNow, I am so afraid I am starting to fall in love with a committed man. He’s not married but has a live in partner. I can’t stop fantasizing for having an affair with him especially when we carelessly flirt and stupidly fight every once in a while.

The truth is I can only fantasize about getting myself in the wrong relationship. I have seriously trained myself to not fall in love with the unacceptable man and never give up something I can never undo. My mother successfully brainwashed me about 2 things: (1) choose the best honorable man who can take care of me, someone seriously wealthy would be a right choice, and (2) if I find myself getting tangled or irritated by unpleasant men, I better walk away.

As long as I can remember I have always walked away. Now, I can’t wait to walk away before I trip for the first time and could never go back.

[1: 1,042 of 10,000] Will I Take That Route?

In Poem on June 6, 2013 at 11:04 AM


I am still in love with him

I cannot deny that part of me considering to share him

He jokingly proposed a marriage that I declined

Every time I try to hate him he won me over

I get so jealous with other tease around him

This is an addiction that has to stop

Stop the desire for a kiss and love

Simply halt now