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[1: 1,562 of 10,000] My Greatest Dreams

In List on August 18, 2015 at 9:11 AM


Right now my greatest dreams are –

  1. Be spiritually awakened and enlighted. It would be nice to be living always in the present. To never be bothered by other’s judgment and to never judge anyone anymore. To be impeccable with my words, to not take anything personally, to be skeptic in finding the truth, and to always do my best.
  2. Contribute in making sure that all children feel loved especially those with separated or divorced parents. To tell the children that they are a miracle, a blessing, and loved. I may need to go back to school for this and I would be motivated to learn if that would make me capable to serve with the right knowledge and skills.
  3. Award winning and best selling author because then I know that my books reach more readers and I am able to impart my heart and story with good intentions. My intentions for writing is to be honest, to be vulnerable, and to stir change for the better.
  4. Being self-sufficient. I labor with love and integrity. Seeing my work as a calling that I don’t depend and borrow from anyone. I will be responsible with my finances and spend what I can afford and what is really necessary. I will be free from getting attached to material things and the psyche of status symbol.
  5. To support my relatives by teaching them to live an abundant life not from asking for money but in creating wealth so they will be self-sufficient. To have the wisdom to teach with patience and support them with love. To emphatise but not to tolerate simply giving without the value of true earning.
  6. Plant lots of paper trees because I still love writing on paper and it’s responsible to replace them.
  7. Being deliberate to only exude positive energy to the world. It’s good for me and for others and there’s really no other way to live harmoniously with one another. To truly love everyone and myself as I am loved by God unconditionally.
  8. To stay healthy in mind, body, soul, and spirit. To make gradual improvements everyday for the better because as I grow older each day, my composition changes, and I want the positive change to happen and not dwell on what are deteriorating.
  9. Be innovative and creative in building multiple businesses in collaboration with my sisters. We’ll build empires that employees will be grateful and passionate to be part of.
  10. To promote equality worldwide and show the light for compassion and collaboration. To erase the line of separation and declaration of territories. To build a nation that’s one and tapping into our individual gifts in making it a beautiful world.

Seems like I got a purpose to live right there and it’s my WHY on having a smile on my face in seeing the sun rises whenever I wake up in the morning. It’s a good life and we are all anointed to be passionate on things that we can change.